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Peter Chester

I lead a fantastic team of WordPress developers building enterprise level WordPress systems. Until recently, I worked with many other technologies including Flash/Flex, iOS, and various other PHP CMS systems, but I've come to find that WordPress kicks the pants off of everything else out there and is simply a lot more fun to work with. Now I pretty much spend all my time mastering advanced WordPress topics such as scalability, flexibility, and sustainability.

On occasion I have been known to speak at conferences on the topics of Freelancing, WordPress, and the meaning of life, though I tend to spend much of my performance energy on my music. Perhaps one day I will figure out how to merge the two without having to write songs about debugging Javascript.

When I'm not on a conference call or focussed on my laptop, I can often be found embarking on creative adventures with my family or daring surf escapades with Shane.
Peter Chester

Peter's Posts

  • Thank You Alex King

    Today I lost a colleague, a mentor and a friend. I am so sorry that I didn’t find the words in time for Alex to read them. Alex King was at once brilliant and humble. The moment I met him, I felt like he was a close friend of mine that I had known for years. He never said or did anything do make me doubt that. After that, he was always one of the […]

  • Help wanted: Project Manager

    The Opportunity Update: this opportunity has now been filled as of July 10/2015. Feel free to still apply so that we have your info on file for the next available opportunity. We’re looking for a talented freelance project manager in North America to join our team for an upcoming project this summer. Ideally one who has WordPress experience and a strong background and proven track record working within systemized project processes and systems. Specifically we’re […]

  • Team Trip 2015

    Once a year, we embark upon a company wide migration. We depart from our various winter locals and seek out the soul nourishing warmth of the tropics. This year, we went to the Dominican Republic.

  • Breakfast with our Brothers at Westwerk

    We had a lovely time at WordCamp SF with the Westwerk crew!

  • Visiting Brooklyn

    We had a lovely morning with Carly and her boys! P.s. The Treat Truckstop restaurant is the best place in Brooklyn for dining with kids!

  • Wharf to Wharf 2014

    Eight years ago, Shane and I walked the Santa Cruz Wharf to Wharf together and talked about the prospect of going into business together. Eight years later, I consider myself very fortunate to have had that opportunity and delight in where our company is at and where it’s going. This year, I ran in a separate group from Shane along side my wife, Lindsey, and daughter, Olivia. It was a little rough going 6 miles […]

  • 4th of July in Albany

    We had a lovely 4th in Albany, CA with my sister and brother-in-law, Karen and Bob Spies!

  • Story Time

    This weekend I’ve managed to wrap up a small project recording my daughter’s grandparents telling stories. Well… actually, I still need to record my dad, but all the same, the site’s live. If you’ve got young kids (or you just like listening to stories), feel free to download some for yourself. Read More & Download Stories!

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