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Peter Chester

I lead a fantastic team of WordPress developers building enterprise level WordPress systems. Until recently, I worked with many other technologies including Flash/Flex, iOS, and various other PHP CMS systems, but I've come to find that WordPress kicks the pants off of everything else out there and is simply a lot more fun to work with. Now I pretty much spend all my time mastering advanced WordPress topics such as scalability, flexibility, and sustainability.

On occasion I have been known to speak at conferences on the topics of Freelancing, WordPress, and the meaning of life, though I tend to spend much of my performance energy on my music. Perhaps one day I will figure out how to merge the two without having to write songs about debugging Javascript.

When I'm not on a conference call or focussed on my laptop, I can often be found embarking on creative adventures with my family or daring surf escapades with Shane.
Peter Chester

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