Reid Peifer

I'm an art director hailing from the great northern state of Minnesota. After a decade in the industry, I'm only interested in projects where we get to add real value. I believe in making grids, breaking grids, clean code, good type, 70's motorcycles, and craft beer.

Our designers are remarkable. Our front end team is untouchable. Even though we work scattered across the states, I am happy to show up for work everyday because of them.

This industry has a remarkable power to participate in social good. With my partners, I try to use the skills and resources that I have to help organizations reach their potential. Designers approach problems with a unique perspective, I hope I can lend that perspective to others.
Reid Peifer

reid's Posts

  • I love minneapolis

    In the spirit of peter’s post. I saw this posted to a telephone pole the other day while walking the dog. The website is definitely worth a peruse. Western Wrestling

  • i don't really understand this but wordpress might find it handy

  • These might be helpful to the wordpressers

    New Debug Plugin New Jquery UI Tool Set

  • Offsite backups?

    Is anyone using an offsite file backup service? My machine is acting a little wonky and those harddrives I have backing up all my data are starting to look pretty delicious to my dumb as rocks puppy. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation.

  • bon voyage peter

    I snapped this during the retreat – but can’t remember if it’s Shane or Peter. Either way, have a great trip Peter.

  • Office of the day

    My new patio is almost done! Sorry to the suckers with real jobs, this is good living. Sent from my iPhone

  • Bonjour!

    Greetings from Paris. Dee and I arrived yesterday. After a short nap to battle the jet lag we hit the Louvre.  It’s amazing. We nerded out on art for hours and hours and only made it through a quarter of the museum. Saw the mona lisa (snooze) and the Raft Of The Medusa (awesome), winged victory, venus de milo, a Vermeer, a david, a bunch of gericaults, and more greek sculpture than you can shake a … Continue reading

  • Leaderboard

    Does anyone know of  a good leaderboard plugin for WP?  Similar to what we built for iOne, but maybe jquery on the front end instead of flash?

  • Project Timer

    I found this little app to help me with my time tracking. It let’s you define a project, then select from a list of tasks you’ve set up. It keeps reports and saves the whole kit and kaboodle. I’m going to try it for a week – i’ll let you know how it goes.  The skin is a little ugly, and the companies logo is almost offensive, but it seems to work pretty solid.

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