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Shane Pearlman

I lead an amazing team of UX, UI, Web + Mobile Design professionals. Along with solving business problems for our clients, I manage all our product lines. I have the most fun in the loosely defined space between ideas and execution and have a gift for noticing patterns.

I am an active freelance evangelist and a founder of FreelanceCamp. Along with speaking at conferences (SXSW, Future of Work, eBay), I love to write and have published numerous articles (Mashable, CopyBlogger, A List Apart, FreelanceSwitch).

When I'm not working I'm heavily involved in social good projects, focusing on helping local government run efficiently and transparently with financial responsibility. And when I sneak away, I surf some of the best waves in the world courtesy of living in Santa Cruz, CA and cuddle my lovely wife & daughter.
Shane Pearlman

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