Becoming a Modern Tribe

Published on: October 9, 2011 | Categories: Articles, News

Hi. I’m Shane.

10 years ago, I started a company of 1. It was a healthy mixture of dream and desperation. With a lot of love from some great people, and some sweat, it worked out. I solved some cool problems and surfed when most of my friends worked. Freelancing let me make my living from home and coffee shops. I supported myself and eventually a family. What started as a backup plan became a career. It was fun. While I loved being in business for myself, after 5 years, I found myself wishing I didn’t have to be in business all by myself. I wanted to collaborate with other awesome people.

Across town, Peter meandered a similar path.

Eventually (with a little prodding) Peter quit his job at a tech company in the valley and started freelancing full-time. We partnered on a number of projects and in mid 2006 merged our companies to form Shane & Peter Inc. We’ve worked with household brand names creating websites and apps many of you have used. While we started as Shane & Peter, soon we were Shane, Peter and 30 other freelancers. We grew our agency into a collaborative. By banding together, we could take on larger projects with bigger companies than any of us had been able to do when we were working completely alone. The thing is, our brand is as personal as you can get, but if you aren’t Shane or Peter it can make a small barrier to a sense of ownership.

2,000 miles away, Reid quits his day job.

Two years or so after starting S&P Inc, I saw a heartfelt comment on another blog by a guy in Minnesota. He was taking the leap and quitting a job he didn’t believe in to start freelancing full-time. I sent him an email telling him that if I could do it, so could he. We ended up chatting and it turned out Reid had a solid portfolio and a work ethic to match ours. Even our healthy dose of crazy didn’t scare him off. In fact, almost three years later in 2010, Reid asked to buy-in. He now shares in our profits. As a partner, he put up with the old company name with remarkably good nature. A couple witty retorts and a smile when asked if he was Shane or Peter.

In 2010 we launched our first line of products, with a surprising (to us) amount of success. We’ve watched the WordPress platform explode in the last 5 years and see an almost desperate need for quality and support within the plugin ecosystem. We launched through one of the largest marketplaces and Events Calendar PRO became their #1 grossing and selling plugin in history. With the launch of this brand, we are taking it another step and selling direct to have greater control of our relationship with our customers.

We are speaking, writing, working on a book and actively looking to find ways to help our team of freelancers and the community at large to live intentionally and succeed financially.

Its not just Shane & Peter. Or Shane, Peter & Reid. There are a lot of people coming together to help us accomplish great things.

We’re not just an agency any more.

We are a lot of things to a lot of people.

We are a Modern Tribe.

16 Responses to Becoming a Modern Tribe

  1. Reid Peifer says

    Hi, I’m Reid from Shane & Peter, or umm, rather with Shane & Peter. Oh, no Shane & Peter aren’t here. I’m not actually with them. I mean, I’m with them, but i’m not with them. No, I’m not Shane. Or Peter. Maybe we should get started…

    I’m very excited about this rebrand, not only because of the introduction obstacle course, but because it acknowledges how far we’ve come and the people that have helped us get here. Any successful venture is equal to the sum not of its parts, but of its people. And we’ve got the best team around.

  2. Lucas Smith says

    Huge high-five on completing/embarking on this endeavor!

  3. Jonathan Brinley says

    Happy rebranding to you. Amazing how many people on the team I have yet to meet.

  4. Shane Pearlman says

    No kidding. Blows my mind that I don’t even know everyone right now (Hi jordan, we still haven’t met yet).

    Kind of bummed that the 2012 team trip will be so delayed – you know – babies and all. But hopefully later 2012 or early 2013 we can all fly out to somewhere warm and awesome together. Any votes on venues? I was thinking that barbados would be cool.

    • Jonathan Brinley says

      Hmm, might be cheaper (and more fun) to take a cruise there than an airplane…

  5. Peter Chester says

    This is so badass! I love the intro to Reid and the photo of him rubbing his hands together!

  6. Casey says

    Woot! Nice work guys!

  7. TyKisha says

    Whoa, dig the rebrand guys! Love the new look and awesome name :) Congrats!

  8. E Billy says

    It’s silly, but all I want to know (right now, anyway) is what kind of bike you ride!

    – Happy Merlin rider

    • Shane Pearlman says

      I ride a Cervelo S2 2010 with Ultergra Groupo. Will post a photo on life some time in the next few weeks.

  9. Watson says

    Hi Shane, Peter, & Reid. Great looking site guys! Congratulations on everything. The bios (and the photos!) look terrific. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

  10. Travis Knight says

    This sure is a purty site! Just a quick heads up, you have “sh” as the title for Shane’s bio pic. When you hover over it all it says in “sh” whereas Peter and Reid get full names. :)

  11. Eighty Eighy says

    Randomly came across this online and i just liked the story/drive/motivation. Keep up the M**** F***** good work.


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  13. Matthew Dearden says

    Great job guys. Inspirational stuff, about to ditch my old calendar system for yours.

  14. kat says

    This agency is such an inspiration to me. I came across you guys while researching companies in California (due to my dream of picking up and moving cross country for better opportunity). I am working on making that dream happen in mid-summer. I definitely got a sense of encouragement when I read y’alls story. Especially Reid’s. His quitting a full-time job he didn’t believe in sounds all to familiar. I hope to make that leap soon! Keep up the great work :)