• Team Trip 2015

    Once a year, we embark upon a company wide migration. We depart from our various winter locals and seek out the soul nourishing warmth of the tropics. This year, we went to the Dominican Republic.

  • Board Meeting: Barbados 2014

    We built this business to be a ‘lifestyle’ business. While we certainly work hard, we play hard too. That’s why we transform our team meetings and management retreats into full blown adventures. Barbados This year, Shane decided to preempt the birth of his second child by taking his family to Barbados for a month. Reid and I were more than happy to tag along at the end and call it our quarterly management retreat. Unfortunately, we were not able to find direct flights to Barbados, but that’s ok. The destination was well worth the journey. St. Nicolas Abbey Incase you haven’t picked up on it, Shane essentially lives in the future. He treats what will come to pass as if it is happening today. This makes him an outstanding planner. So it’s not surprising that we kicked off our retreat […]

  • Modular Content in WordPress

    The slides from talk on Modular Content at WordCamp Mpls 2014.

  • Church Events Made Easy With Events Calendar PRO

    Churches are busy places. At most churches there are people coming and going all the time. This makes sense when you consider that churches tend to have events and programs for nearly every age group. All of these events and programs lead to a problem for most church communities though…the calendar. It begins to take on a life of its own and can become unruly if not managed well. Consider that in a given week a church may have events and programs for Children, Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, College Students, Young Professionals, Men, Women, Small Groups, Outreach groups, Musicians, and Artists in addition to their regular weekend worship service(s). This is a lot to fit on a standard calendar, especially if clarity is something you enjoy. Most churches don’t have a good solution to this problem. Some churches rely on […]

  • Team Trip 2014

    For one week a year, Tribe-o-nauts from around the world converge. We come together to celebrate the adventures that we’ve been on. We come together to tell jokes, and share good news. We come together to argue, debate, and learn from each other.

  • Meet Andy Fragen, one of our Favorite Community Members

    We like celebrating people and the good work that they do. So today, we’re celebrating Andy Fragen, a big time helper in our support forum and a friend. Andy has been active on our support forums for quite some time now, so this thank you is well overdue. If Andy has helped you out on the forums, which is likely, we’d love for you to take a few minutes and get to know Andy just a little bit better! Your Twitter bio says “Just a geek trauma surgeon”, which might be one of the best Twitter bio’s I’ve seen, can you let us know just exactly what that means? I guess it means that IRL I’m a trauma surgeon. I’ve actually been doing Trauma/Acute Care Surgery for the past 7 years. Needless to say, it leaves me with little free […]

  • What Happens When A Bug Is Reported?

    Have you ever wondered what happens when a bug is reported on our support forums? How quickly we respond? How do we decide if something needs to be fixed immediately, in the next scheduled release, or somewhere down the road? We thought we’d take just a few moments and let you behind the curtain to see how we attack a critical problem. Here’s a glimpse at a bug that was reported back in December: There Was A Bug! On Wednesday, December 18th we released an update to the Events Calendar PRO, version 3.3. We were pretty excited about it…until Thursday morning that is. You see on Thursday morning, multiple users reported a bug immediately after updating to version 3.3. The bug turned all-day events into multiple day events, which caused the event information to be incorrect. Our amazing users not only […]

  • Photo View Brings Your Calendar To Life

    One of the best features of Events Calendar PRO is Photo View. While Week View or Month View are best at communicating the time of the event and Map View emphasizes the location of the event, Photo View does a fantastic job of emphasizing the content of the event, bringing it to life and creating a great user experience.  Some folks, though, are not taking advantage of Photo View on their calendars. So we’d thought we take this opportunity to share with you why Photo View adds value to your calendar and how to use Photo View to your advantage! Photo View Adds Value To Your Calendar People Like Pictures, It’s A Scientific Fact. Think about how often people are taking and sharing photos today. We’ve got incredible cameras built into our phones with numerous ways to share them with the […]

  • Who Deserves Good Design?

    Another post about SquareSpace logo builder? Yes. Another one. I just wrote a brief post on valuing the designer as more than a tool. But that’s not the only point that we should draw from the tizzy about the SS logo builder. [Brief recap if you didn’t read the previous post: SquareSpace launched a logo design tool, and people on the internet tweaked out.] Some of the criticism leveled at SquareSpace accused them of devaluing the work done by designers. The criticism is similar to what we see when large companies hold design competitions, or more smarmy companies utilize spec work strategies to fleece designers out of being paid. I think that’s a misreading of the situation. Design can be a force for good Design as a cultural force is a tricky thing to wrap your head around. Before the […]

  • You are not a tool

    Yesterday, SquareSpace launched a new logo design tool out into the wild, and the design community (at least on twitter) went a little nutty. I would guess that most of the outrage could be chocked up to people enjoying being outraged on social media, and there were probably very few people who gave it much thought after tweeting about it. I am not one of those people. I thought about it all night. I’m also not one of the people that was upset about it.  In fact, if you scroll back through our blog archives, you’ll find a number of graphics for my own blog posts that could have been created with the SquareSpace tool (and I happen to quite like them). I understand where that hostility comes from – anything that could conceivably threaten your livelihood (whether that threat […]

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