• Tutorial: Integrating The Events Calendar w/ Genesis (2.x Builds Only)

    Please note that all documentation below is for The Events Calendar 2.0.1 through 2.0.11. If you need help with version 3.0 or beyond, please head to the forums. Hey everybody, after much filming and editing we have for you this epic four part tutorial series on how to integrate The Events Calendar with the Genesis theme framework. In the videos we cover everything from getting your environment setup to customizing the Genesis breadcrumbs function to … Continue reading

  • Updated Settings Panel in Events 2.0.5

    Among the changes and tweaks included in The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 2.0.5, few were as noticeable right off the bat to all users as the changes to the Settings page. We cleaned it up, broke things out into a tabbed navigation and cleaned up the overall experience in a way that we hope you like. Though we’d previously covered the Settings panel in some introductory documentation published when 2.0 launched, these new tweaks rendered … Continue reading

  • Finding Your PRO License Key & Re-Downloading The Plugin

    In the screencast below I’ll review how to find your PRO license key on the tri.be site, how to disconnect it from any sites to which it is tied, and how re-download a fresh version of the plugin should you ever need to. Check it out: Finding Your PRO License Key During the checkout process when purchasing Events Calendar PRO, you selected a username and password that will serve as your credentials for accessing tri.be … Continue reading

  • Finding Your Events & Adding Them To The Menu

    We’ve been getting a lot of feedback the past few weeks from users with the question: I understand how to add my events on the backend, but where exactly do I find the calendar where they appear on the frontend? In retrospect this no surprise…to users of the open source community, our switch from treating events as regular posts to an events custom post type is a major change. (1.3.3 PRO users were already aware … Continue reading

  • Migrating Events Calendar from 1.6.5 to 2.0

    This is a video & post contains a walkthrough on how to upgrade the open source events calendar for WordPress plugin from 1.6.5 to 2.0. In a future screencast, we’ll review updating your theme settings to conform with the update once you’ve finished — here, we’re just focused on migrating your 1.6.5 events into 2.0. Take a look.   The largest change in 2.0 is the move from having events live in regular posts to … Continue reading

  • A Walkthrough of the Settings Panel

    UPDATE: While the post below is accurate for version 2.0.4 and earlier, the release of The Events Calendar & Events Calendar PRO 2.0.5 brought sweeping changes to the Settings page. As such the screencast and walkthrough below are not current. If you’re on 2.0.5 or a newer release, please see this post instead. There’s a lot you can take advantage of on the Settings page, in both The Events Calendar 2.0 and Events Calendar PRO … Continue reading

  • Creating My First Event(s)

    You’ve downloaded, installed & activated both The Events Calendar 2.0 and Events Calendar PRO 2.0. So what’s next? Publishing your first event! Check out this walkthrough of the process. Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s time to set up your first event. This is going to be easy. From your site’s dashboard, find “Events” in the sidebar and select “Add New.” You’ll be taken to a familiar page that looks very similar to … Continue reading

  • Installing & Activating The Events Calendar 2.0

    The activation process has changed a bit since the 1.x releases of both The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO, but don’t fret…we’ve put together the screencast below to walk you through the steps. It’s still pretty dang easy. By now you’re probably aware that to install Events Calendar PRO 2.0, you really have to install two plugins: the free, open source Events Calendar, and the PRO add-on. Both can be accessed from tri.be. The … Continue reading

  • Updating & Using Your License Key

    If there’s an update for either The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO, or our other plugins available, you’ll be alerted of it from the plugins list on your site backend. The screencast below walks you through the process of adding your Events Calendar PRO license key & working through an example of such an update. Whenever a new version of the PRO code is released, you’ll see a prompt on your site’s backend to update … Continue reading

  • PRO: Using Custom Recurring Events

    Wondering how to get the perfect combination of attributes to avoid having to enter an event more than once? Let our support maestro Rob walk you through how to use the custom recurring events feature for the WordPress Events Calendar PRO plugin. Custom recurring events allow for event creators to make more complex recurrence patterns than the standard Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly options do. On the event creation page, find the “Events Calendar” section and head to the … Continue reading

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