• Release: Events Calendar PRO 3.5.1 (hotfix)

    After releasing our 3.5.1 hotfix for The Events Calendar yesterday, we spent today flushing out a few significant issues in PRO that we didn’t feel should wait until next month’s maintenance build. Those were just released in the form of Events Calendar PRO 3.5.1. The changelog is: Patched a bug where the “Recurring event instances” setting was impacting month view, instead of just appearing on list-based views (thanks to alexhammerstein on the forums for this … Continue reading

  • Release: The Events Calendar 3.5.1 (hotfix)

    Hey everyone! After we launched the 3.5 updates to our entire plugin suite last week, we had some reports from users of a few problems that slipped through our QA process. These were significant enough issues that we wanted to patch them now instead of wait for April’s maintenance build, so we just pushed out The Events Calendar 3.5.1. Changes in this hotfix are: Fixed a bug where default events view dropdown on Settings page … Continue reading

  • Release: Version 3.5 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

    Hey, it’s time for another round of maintenance builds! After skipping over February’s maintenance build — we had our team retreat at the start of the month, followed by a number of team vacations + outages — we’ve spent the past month developing a badass new batch of updates to the codebase and are stoked to share it with you. Bug fixes and features (including the responsive and updated recurrence functionality Reid mentioned in his … Continue reading

  • Release: WooCommerce Tickets 3.4.1 (hotfix)

    Hi folks: just a heads up that we’ve pushed out a WooCommerce Tickets 3.4.1 update, which is meant as a hotfix to address the incompatibilities with WooCommerce 2.1 detailed in this support thread. We also incorporated a handful of new translation files provided by community members while we’re at it. Specific changes: Compatibility fixes for WooCommerce 2.1, thanks to reports from George (ivideoweb) Incorporates new Portuguese translation files, courtesy of Hugo Malhoa Incorporates updated Spanish … Continue reading

  • Release: Version 3.4 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

    Happy New Year! Though it’s been January for a few weeks yet, today marks our first official round of plugin releases in 2014. We’re stoked at the release we’ve put together this month — which include updates for every plugin in our stable — and hope you find value in it too. If you’re ready, log in to the backend of your site and prepare to see 3.4 updates for all the following plugins: The … Continue reading

  • Release: Version 3.3 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + (almost) all add-ons

    As we close out 2013, we have a lot to be thankful for…not the least of which is you fine folks in the community. To try and make sure we end the year on as high a note as possible, we’ve just released the latest maintenance build for the majority of our products — the final monthly maintenance release for 2013! Next time you log in, you’ll probably see update prompts for 3.3 on all … Continue reading

  • Release: Shopp Tickets 3.3

    Today marked the release of the latest plugin to join our tickets framework: Shopp Tickets! As you might expect by the name, Shopp Tickets harnesses the power of the Shopp e-commerce plugin to add frontend ticket sales to your events. Shopp, which just recently made it’s debut on the WordPress.org repo, is a killer plugin and we’re stoked to have Barry Hughes — who operates both on our dev team and Shopp’s — as the … Continue reading

  • Release: Version 3.2 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

    Well folks, the year is winding down and as you all get into the habit of putting on a sweater with your morning coffee and loosening your belts for the inevitable flood of seasonal culinary delights, we’ve got a surprise: our monthly maintenance release for November 2013. Any second now you’ll be noticing update prompts for version 3.2 of all the following plugins – The Events Calendar Events Calendar PRO Community Events Facebook Events Eventbrite … Continue reading

  • Release: Version 3.1 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

    Today we’ve released the latest maintenance build for The Events Calendar and its stable of premium add-ons. Given the magnitude of the updates (particularly for Community Events), and in keeping consistent with semantic versioning, we’ve bumped all plugin version numbers to 3.1. This means — as of today — there are 3.1 releases available for: The Events Calendar Events Calendar PRO Community Events Facebook Events Eventbrite Tickets WooCommerce Tickets The Events Calendar 3.1 Significant performance … Continue reading

  • Release: Events 3.0.3 / Events PRO 3.0.5 / WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.2

    Last week we released a small set of updates to address bugs that impacted The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO and WooCommerce Tickets. Here’s what came out in our August 1 release: The Events Calendar 3.0.3 Events Calendar PRO 3.0.5 WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.2 The Events Calendar 3.0.3 Changed some SQL that could trigger a MySQL bug involving an infinite loop. See http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=21262 Fixed some bugs with View As dropdown in Tribe Bar, including a bug … Continue reading

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