• A New Frontier in SEO with Microsoft Bing

    We’re honored to announce that we’ve just launched a WordPress plugin for Microsoft Bing that enables you to quickly and easily produce Bing Boards from within your very own blog. Get the Bing Boards WordPress Plugin!

  • Clarifying WordPress Performance on New Relic

    Jonathan Brinley and I had a fun little adventure today. We set out to fix our app and learned that really we just needed to fix our metrics. We launched a fantastic WordPress multisite project for Café bon Appétit on Friday. Seeing as how this is fundamentally a migration from a previously existing site, we set up New Relic a week ahead of time so that we could monitor how the site performance changes. However, after […]

  • Technical Debt

    We just released the 3.0 version of our suite of events calendar plugins. It feels great to ship code, especially when you’ve been working on it for so long, but we’re also well aware that release is really just the midway point of the product cycle. Bug reports have started to trickle in. Thus far, nothing too major has been reported which is a great feeling. We’re knocking stuff out quickly, and things should quiet […]

  • Using Instant Server to Benchmark

    I just heard about Instant Server (http://instantserver.io/) and immediately thought that it would provide a kick ass way to do some benchmark testing. Five minutes later, I had Apache Benchmark installed and was testing. Here’s how to set it up: Start a new server up. http://instantserver.io/ Install Apache Utilities sudo apt-get install apache2-utils Start Benchmarking ab -n 100 -c 10 http://www.google.com/ One other tip, try bench marking something you know is fast (like google) first […]

  • Measuring WordPress Performance

    The 2013 Minnesota WordCamp was fantastic! Eventually, I’d like to replace this post with substantive content. But for the time being, here’s a link to the slide deck.

  • How bbPress search should work?

    There was an interesting discussion during the last bbPress dev meeting about the different approaches for implementing a solid search feature for the forums, and how it should play along with the general WordPress search. Here’s the main ticket. I’d like to keep the dialog going and will summarize the core ideas.I’m writing this without reviewing the whole chat and didn’t take notes, so… sorry in advance if I’m missing someone’s opinion or idea. Please […]

  • A Ramble on Responsive Design

    Responsive Design is the latest mantra to gain traction in the web community. Ethan Marcotte threw down the gauntlet and challenged the web design community to seriously reconsider how we think about design and code. Responsive Design is an approach that encourages us to build websites that respond to a user’s behavior and environment – i.e. a single code base that adapts to multiple devices. With a peck of flexible grids, a dash of media […]

  • WordCamp LA: WordPress at Scale

    Peter’s talk at WordCamp LA 2011 is up on WordPress.tv. The talk went through some of the basic strategies for scaling a WordPress project using the example of the Town Square project (170+ radio stations). Also, check out Brandon’s awesome talk: The Anarchist and the Patriot

  • Balsamiq help us love you more

    We do an enormous amount of wireframing using Balsamiq. It is a fantastic product and resolved some very basic issues we faced during the UI phase. Namely, since using Balsamiq, we no longer have to constantly dodge the design discussion during wireframing. Perhaps it is the artful mix of comic sans and crooked lines. The app is in a constant state of improvement and as active users, we have requests. If you happen to use […]

  • My First Tech Presentation

    I just gave my first-ever tech presentation at the 2nd edition of the Winnipeg WordPress meetup this past Friday. I decided to cover a bunch of WordPress coding conventions and gave a quick 15 minute talk on a few things that I wish I had known earlier in my WP work. It was a fun experience! I wrote more on my blog. Slides embedded below: Doing Things the WordPress Way

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