Installing & Activating The Events Calendar 2.0

Published on: October 12, 2011 | Categories: Help Video

The activation process has changed a bit since the 1.x releases of both The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO, but don’t fret…we’ve put together the screencast below to walk you through the steps. It’s still pretty dang easy.

By now you’re probably aware that to install Events Calendar PRO 2.0, you really have to install two plugins: the free, open source Events Calendar, and the PRO add-on. Both can be accessed from

The Events Calendar

To snag The Events Calendar, which is actually hosted at the open source repo, visit and navigate to Products –> The Events Calendar in the header navigation.

Once you’re there, you’ll see a big blue “Download” button. Click it and you’ll be taken over, where there wil be another “Download” button (this time in red) referencing the current release number. Follow the instructions on the screen and save the file to your desktop.

Events Calendar PRO

Head back to, and this time find Products -> Events Calendar PRO. (You can also hit the “Go PRO” button if you’re still on the Events Calendar product page).

Select the license type that best fits your needs, hit “Buy Now” and move through the checkout process accordingly. At one point you will be asked to set up a username and password; make sure to remember these, as they’ll be what you use for accessing the site and support forums going forward.

After completing the checkout process, you’ll land on a “Thank You!” screen that includes — among other things — the words “Events Calendar PRO” as a hotlink. Click that link and it will download the PRO code to your computer.

Note that you don’t have to download the plugin right when completing your order, if you don’t want to. Users can always come back and re-download the plugin later…just go to Account Central –> Downloads and you’ll have access to any plugin you’ve previously purchased.

Installing & Activating

By this point, you should have two ZIP files on your desktop: one for The Events Calendar, the other for Events Calendar PRO. Now open up the dashboard of your site and navigate to Plugins –> Add New –> Upload.

Do not unzip the plugins; you’re going to upload them in their full zip files. Do The Events Calendar first and activate it upon completion. Next upload Events Calendar PRO and activate it upon completion as well. Just to make sure everything went according to plan, navigate to your active plugins list and make sure that both are active and showing the version number you expected.

One last point to remember: you can use The Events Calendar without Events Calendar PRO, but you can’t use Events Calendar PRO without The Events Calendar. There is really no circumstance under which you should have just Events Calendar PRO active if you’re running 2.0 or later.


Hopefully this was of some value to you. If any questions linger, leave them in the comments and we’ll do what we can to provide clarity.

33 Responses to Installing & Activating The Events Calendar 2.0

  1. tower says

    Hi, I think the video is broken?

    • Shane Pearlman says

      Hi Tower. I see it fine. It is simply a youtube video – you can go see it here:

      • Dave Olson says

        I’m still on v1.6.5 so that Eventbrite for the Events Calendar would work…….Where is Februray 29, 2012?? It is leap year after all…

        • Rob La Gatta says

          Hi there Dave! Thanks for the follow-up. It looks like the missing Feb 29 date isn’t a problem in the 2.0.3 (or the soon-to-be-released 2.1) code for either Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO. It’s very possible that hadn’t yet been implemented in 1.6.5, though; as that’s currently unsupported and has a few bugs, I’d recommend updating to 2.0 or later if displaying the leap year is important on your site.

    • Dave Olson says

      It would be nice if you guys mentioned that 2.0.3 is incompatible with Eventbrite for the Events Calendar.

      • Rob La Gatta says

        Hey Dave. Thanks for the note. Actually, everything out there is incompatible with Eventbrite for Events Calendar :) That plugin is totally outdated & unsupported for all releases at this time. We’re currently working on an Eventbrite Ticketing add-on that will be released something over the next month or two, but until then I’d approach any Eventbrite integration with caution (as none of the approaches circling around out there at this time are verified or supported on our end). Hope that helps!

  2. an says

    HI, just downlod the 2.0 and posted my first event. One for october, one for november. And after clicking on a date and want to go back in previous moth – it crashes. I need help. I really liked this! Than kyou!

    • Shane Pearlman says

      Hi An, can you please post this to the support forum?

  3. SleeplessinDC says

    I am using WordPRess 3.2.1. Your video shows you went to your Plugins page and clicked on “Add New”. I don’t have that on my Plugins page. Where is that in version 3.2.1? Usually I just unzip a plugin package and upload it to my plugins directory.

    • Shane Pearlman says

      That is a default WordPress setting. Could it be that you are on a mu system and have not been provided that permission? You can always just unzip it and add it to your plugin directory. That works too.

      • SleeplessinDC says

        I unzipped it and uploaded it. I’m not on a mu system. My host provider is Dreamhost. Maybe they don’t allow it. Interesting.

  4. SleeplessinDC says

    Another question. I entered my license key and was told “Sorry, key validation server is not available.” When will it be available?

  5. Shane Pearlman says

    Hi SleeplessinDC.

    Can you please log your issues in the support forum. We don’t do support in blog post comments. Talk to you in there on monday!

  6. Anthony says

    I have been using the 1.x for quite a while now, and I have a lot of questions about the plugin before I upgrade (don’t worry I already read through the FAQs). However, I don’t really want to bog down a comment feed with them. How can I get additional pre-purchase information?

    Thank you,

    • Shane Pearlman says

      Hey Anthony,

      We have a forum just for that purpose!

      • Anthony says

        I tried, but it wants me to sign-in. I used my username and password from your previous site, but it wouldn’t take it. I tried recovering it, and that didn’t work either. So, I assume you didn’t bring it forward. Anyway, I can’t figure out how to create a new account so I can ask a question.

        Thank you,

  7. Peter says

    After installing both 2.0 and 2.0.1 I got the following messages when I try to open a post:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function loadDomainStylesScripts() on a non-object in /home/www/sites/ on line 3

    Why is this?

    • Shane Pearlman says

      Hey Peter, can you please post your issue to the support forum. The message will just get lost in our blog. It looks like you are working with a custom template. Let us know what exactly you are doing in the support forum entry.

  8. Bean says


    I am using free version of the Events Calendar. It is appearing at the bottom of the webpage.

    How can I make it appear right underneath the top navigation menu.

  9. Rob La Gatta says

    Hey Bean. My guess is that’s just a conflict with your theme; did you build that theme yourself? You could probably modify it by either altering your theme itself or playing around with grid.php. Let me know if you need more guidance than that and I can provide it.

  10. Randy Repass says

    just reviewing the vid, but it won’t work, here or over at Youtube

    • Rob La Gatta says

      Hey dude. I just gave this a shot and it worked fine, both on my computer at the site and over at YouTube. Possible that this is a connection error on your end?

  11. Amy says

    I downloaded the free version & saved to my desktop but when I go into the Plug-in and try to upload the zip file it doesn’t let me…to my understanding I don’t have to download the Events Calendar PRO in order to make the free version of Events calendar work…am I missing something??

    • Rob La Gatta says

      Hi Amy. Sorry to hear you’re having issues here — happy to help best I can. You are correct in your assumption here: if you download the free The Events Calendar 2.0.5 release on, you should be able to upload the zip file directly via the backend of your site.

      What’s the issue you’re encountering when you attempt to upload? Are you running the latest version of WordPress, and uploading the zip file exactly as it downloaded? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

      • Amy says

        I downloaded and saved on my desktop..but it doesn’t seem like its a zipfile :/
        When I attempt to upload, it doesn’t let me upload the entire opens the folder and wants me to upload each individual file..but they are all .jpg or .png

        • Rob La Gatta says

          Hey Amy. Thanks for the follow-up. It will definitely be a ZIP file upon downloading it and does need to be a ZIP file if being uploaded on the backend. You’re grabbing at this location (, right? Unless your browser is doing something to automatically unzip it, the file there should download already zipped up.

          Let me know if you’re still having problems; if so, shoot us an email (pro at and I’ll send you the ZIP file personally.

  12. Joe says

    For some reason your calendar is showing up without a background, just outlines. Is there a quick fix for this?

    • Rob La Gatta says

      Hey there Joe. Thanks for reaching out. You left this as a question in the pro /a/ inbox too, right? If so I just responded to that this morning so let’s keep the discussion going that way :)

  13. Sherm says

    Have tried repeatedly to upload the .zip file Events Calendar PRO. Each time, the upload window eventually goes blank, and Events Calendar PRO does not appear in my list of installed plugins.

  14. Rob La Gatta says

    Hey Sherm. That’s odd; what version are you trying to upload (2.0.7 is the newest release)? Are you running the latest build of WordPress?

  15. Brenda says

    I am using WordPRess 3.4.2. Your video shows you went to your Plugins page and clicked on “Add New”. I don’t have that on my Plugins page. SleeplessinDC also had the same issue. So, I unziped it and moved the whole folder to the server/plugin folder. Unfortunately, I still can’t see it in my Dashboard Plugins’. Is there something else I should do? I’ve only loaded the free version for now. Want to try it out first.

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