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We believe deeply in community, in the power of many and in giving back. Today we are quite active in the WordPress eco-system and the Redmine / Chili-Project Ruby-on-Rails platform. Below are a few of the current plugins on which we are the primary contributor or funder. They are FREE! Enjoy and distribute. Add to them and help us make them even better! Let us know how you are using them.

That said, they are FREE. No complaining, free support, or being a poor citizen.


Advanced Post Manager

Turbo-charge your custom post type listings with metadata, taxonomies, and more. An intuitive interface for adding (and saving) complex filtersets is provided, along with a drag-and-drop interface for choosing and ordering columns to be displayed. Metaboxes are also automatically generated for all your metadata-entry needs. Novices need not apply.


Blog Copier

Build out a WordPress blog network with the snap of your digital fingers. Blog Copier allows superadmins to duplicate sub blogs with lots of content at scale. Boom. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


Image Rotation Repair

The Image Rotation Repair plugin simply fixes image orientation based on EXIF data. This is primarily a patch for mis-oriented images delivered from iPhones. Functionally it filters all uploads and if EXIF->Orientation is set to a number greater than 1, then the image is resaved with a new orientation before the image is processed by wordpress.


Image Widget

Add an image, title, description and link to your sidebar in seconds. Simple image widget uses the native WordPress uploader to add images to your site’s sidebar. This is one of simplest, most powerful widgets in WordPress and currently has over 350,000 downloads.


The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin is an powerful events management platform for WordPress. This is a FREE plugin on the open source repository. Explore this page for screenshots and a list of features. Want to sell tickets, manage conference schedules, accept user submitted events automatically and more? Check out the available premium and community add-ons.


Widget Builder

Create new custom widgets on the fly! Widget Builder uses the native WordPress editing interface to provide a unique tool for building custom widgets for your site(s). The simplest and most versatile plugin we have ever built.

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