Freelance Camp

Published on: May 27, 2008 | Categories: News

The topic at hand: Freelance Camp!

We are beginning to put together a bar camp in Santa Cruz on the topic of freelancing and running a small service business. This is a community event and we are actively looking for volunteers to make this kick ass. If you can help find sponsors, spread the word, find a venue, get some grub lined up or perform general geekery – let’s talk. Hit me up by email or respond in the comment, add yourself to the wiki, and we can chat.

Freelance Camp:

8 Responses to Freelance Camp

  1. Houshang Livian says

    Count me in as a volunteer. I will commit to managing any production teams. I have ALOT of experience with managing(leading) teams of volunteers.

  2. Chris Yonge says

    Yes, count me in as well. Looking forward to it!

  3. Houshang says

    GREAT JOB SHANE AND PETER. The event was awesome… you did a great job! Thanks to Margaret, Desiree and Chris too.

  4. dmaza says

    hi there, why don’t you write anymore? is everything ok? I just like to read you a lot guys.. see ya!!

  5. shane says

    Hey Dmaza,

    Everything is absolutly wonderful. Mostly life got in the way and I let the habit slide. I have a baby girl coming. We almost hit out million dollar goal (huff … pant). My new puppy is amazing and full of energy. The barcamp we ran exceeded my expectations. 2008 = a really great year.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I must have a dozen almost finished blog posts. Perhaps on my vacation next week I’ll take a little time and write.

  6. Joshua Clanton says

    I was just stopping by to ask the same question as dmaza: When is your next post coming? :-) Your blog is one of my favorites, and I don’t want to see it just fade away.

  7. Selene M. Bowlby says

    Add me to the list of people wondering where you’ve been. Your blog is one of my favorites – so I’m anxiously awaiting a new post or ten!

    Congrats on all the great things going on in your life as well – the baby girl on the way will be the biggest blessing! :)

  8. Jeff Mackey says

    Add my name to the list of people wondering where the good writing has gone on this site. Bring it back! You guys are great.

    Best to all and new family additions!

    – Jeff