GOV 2.0 Expo Showcase Award

Published on: September 9, 2009 |Tags: ,,, | Categories: News

2009 Gov 2.0 Expo featureToday our good friend Peter Koht, the Santa Cruz City Economic Development Coordinator, presented our work at GOV 2.0 Expo.  We’re proud to announce that we won one of five Showcase awards for the Santa Cruz City Budget Website.

What started as a volunteer weekend WordPress project to help the City of Santa Cruz address the budget deficit has transformed into an adventure. Partnering with UserVoice and Rob Knight Shane, Peter, and Brandon Jones produced an integrated portal for community participation. Mayor Cynthia Mathews worked with Koht and a number of collaborators to produce content for the site and to articulate the state of the budget.

The resulting site instigated conversation amongst both the online and offline Santa Cruz community setting the tone for collaboration.

One Response to GOV 2.0 Expo Showcase Award

  1. Brandon says

    Awesome! Congrats guys – it’s exciting to see this kind of project get some recognition :)