Hooray! We’ve launched our first iPhone App!

Published on: April 24, 2009 |Tags: | Categories: News






I’m so excited! If you have an iPhone, please help us out and buy our new iPhone surf app and leave a review and rating on the iTunes store.


Also, if you happen to have any suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know via email and we’ll get right on it.
Thank you so much!

3 Responses to Hooray! We’ve launched our first iPhone App!

  1. Nick says

    Great job guys! This app is super awesome. Well done and very attractive. I love it!

  2. peter says

    Nick, that’s the best response ever. Feel free to write that in the itunes store :)

  3. Dan Cameron says

    Excited to check it out when we get back, especially our local breaks.

    It will definitely bring me back to my HS days.