IMPORTANT: We Are Leaving Code Canyon (for ECP 2.0)

Published on: August 4, 2011 | Categories: News, Products-old

Hello my friends.

As many of you are aware, we’re gearing up to release Events Calendar PRO 2.0 in September (reoccurring events, custom fields manager, community events, improved theme support, an API and so much more) — what you likely aren’t aware of yet is that we’ll be doing so from our own site, independent of CodeCanyon. It’s been a great year selling ECP through the marketplace and we are extremely grateful for all of Envato’s support and encouragement. Now it’s time to take that next step and begin selling the product ourselves.

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We have been working hard on ECP 2.0 and are getting closer to release. Want to participate in the FREE beta or get a discount when we release? Join our newsletter (we rarely send emails unless something major is on the horizon).

What does this mean for you? We are working on a 1.3.3 release that will patch a few minor bugs that emerged with the latest build of WordPress. ECP 1.3.3 will be available on CodeCanyon to all previous buyers (so grab it quick once it comes out) and we will support it through the end of 2011! Come January 1, 2012 all support efforts will shift entirely to 2.0 buyers.

When Events Calendar Pro 2.0 is released, we will offer it at a discounted rate (exact price to be determined) for existing users to upgrade from 1.3.2. In order to receive your discount, you will NEED TO BE ON OUR MAILING LIST, which you can sign up for below.¬†We’ll offer up more on our future plans there as we continue to solidify them, as well as provide information on contests/beta testing opportunities/etc.

We are also excited about the API in ECP 2.0 and the new Add-on plugins including Event Tickets Pro and Community Events. They will be sold at an additional cost and will require ECP 2.0. There will also be a “lite” 2.0 release that is available for free and will exist to replace the now-outdated/unsupported open source WordPress plugin The Events Calendar.

For now, know that it’s business as usual around here and that we’ll continue offering support as we have. We look forward to the future and hope that you’ll all be a part of it as we take this next step.

4 Responses to IMPORTANT: We Are Leaving Code Canyon (for ECP 2.0)

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  3. Christina says

    Does this mean that customers who purchased through codecayon will need to repurchase for updates?

    • Rob La Gatta says

      Hey Christina. The 2.0 update was a paid one for all users (existing & new alike), but existing users are entitled to a 30% discount. I remember you as a 1.3.3 user from the old forums — shoot me an email (rob at and I’ll hook you up with the coupon, which will take 30% off the price of a license type of your choosing.