New User Primers

Whether you’re jumping into The Events Calendar in its entirety or just a new add-on that extends the core plugin’s functionality, the new user primers we’ve presented below should get you up to speed. It is recommended that anyone installing an add-on who is not familiar with the core functionality review both the The Events Calendar primer and whichever is specific to your new add-on.

As new plugins and add-ons are released, primers for each will be published and added to the list below. Currently available primers are:

  1. The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO
  2. Eventbrite Tickets
  3. Community Events
  4. Filter Bar
  5. Facebook Events
  6. WooCommerce Tickets
  7. EDD Tickets
  8. WPEC Tickets
  9. Shopp Tickets

Something confusing or inaccurate about the information contained in a given primer? Don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll get it taken care of.

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