Creating My First Event(s)

Published on: October 13, 2011 | Categories: Help Video

You’ve downloaded, installed & activated both The Events Calendar 2.0 and Events Calendar PRO 2.0. So what’s next? Publishing your first event! Check out this walkthrough of the process.

Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s time to set up your first event. This is going to be easy. From your site’s dashboard, find “Events” in the sidebar and select “Add New.” You’ll be taken to a familiar page that looks very similar to the post creation page you’re used to from drafting regular WordPress posts.

Do all the things you’d do with any WordPress entry: add your title and your event description. Select your categories and tags in the right-hand sidebar. Add a featured image if the mood strikes you.

Now scroll down a bit to the section for The Events Calendar. This is where things change from what you’re used to, and where you’ll configure the remaining details of your event.

Event Time & Date

All day event? Check this box if you want your event to appear as an all-day event, with no start/end time indicated to frontend readers.

Start Date/Time & End Date/Time: The date and time your event starts and ends. Select the date from the calendar pop-up; select the time from the dropdowns. Note that if you have the “All day event?” box checked, no time customization options will appear here.

Recurrence: Configures the recurrence setting for PRO users, allowing you to have an event occur multiple times on dates of your choosing. We’ve covered this elsewhere so I won’t go into much more detail about how recurrence operates.

Event Location Details

You can either use a Saved Venue by selecting one from the dropdown, or add a new one by leaving the dropdown on “Use New Venue” and adding the venue name/address details appropriately below. Make sure to either show the Google Maps link or embed the map itself (both controlled by checkboxes) if you want this data to display.

Event Organizer Details

Similar to the venue, organizer details provide more on who is hosting an event. You can use a saved organizer from the dropdown or enter the details for a new one. Remember that saved venues & organizers can be viewed & edited from the “Venues” & “Organizers” admin menu items on the backend.

Event Cost

If your event will cost money, enter the value here. If it’s free enter a “0”, or leave it blank entirely if you don’t want any cost data to be displayed.


That’s it. Add an excerpt if you wish, make sure everything looks good and then publish or schedule the post. You’ve created your first event…you’re done!

10 Responses to Creating My First Event(s)

  1. Chris says

    First, THANKS for this awesomeness.
    I’ve been plagiarizing the hell out of this thing but I can’t seem to solve one thing…

    I have added a custom post field of “Event Type” to the sp_events posts (ex: Birthday, Anniversary, Party, etc.) Then I added a class for each that puts an icon next to the link depending on the class “birthday”, “anniversary”, etc.

    I just can’t find in to plugin code where I need to place the following code:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated (as I plan on stealing this and making a fortune selling online calendar widgets to soccer moms, church groups and homeless shelters :)

  2. Chris says

    class would equal

  3. Nina Simon says

    We’ve deployed Events Calendar 2.0 on the MAH website, and we love it. Thank you for cleaning up how we do calendaring… if you have any suggestions for how we can improve how we’re using it, please let me know.

  4. Shane Pearlman says

    Hey Chris,

    Glad we can help you support a business! Can you post your question to the support forum, that way it will get answered. They tend to get forgotten in the blog =)

    Hi Nina,

    Thats awesome. I like how you separated the old vs upcoming events in the calendar view with the yellow css border. Makes it easy to see.

  5. Peter Chester says

    Right on Nina!!! I’m so stoked that you picked us for the SCMAH website! I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing with our local art scene and with how your are realizing the potential of our beautiful art center. Thanks Nina!

    One super minor suggestion… If it’s possible, I’d advise creating a visual separater for events on the same calendar square in the grid view. That could be with lines or alternating background colors. If there are 3 or more events on a day it becomes a little hard to scan.

  6. Andy Kravetz says

    I still can’t make the grid show up. I have watched the videos, looked at the settings, looked at the events tab and tried to change my menus to point to but nothing is working HELP!

  7. Shane Pearlman says

    Hi Andy,

    We don’t handle support in the blog since they often get lost in the mix. Can you post your issue in the forum? Also, when I click on your link it looks like you figured it out?

  8. ramone says

    not live. how do you set a recurring event? I don’t see that anywhere.
    i am also not sure of specifically what ‘frontend’ and ‘backend’ of the event calendar app.
    could you help? thanks in advance.

    • ramone says

      i will post in the forum…..

      • Rob La Gatta says

        Thanks Ramone! The forum is definitely a better environment for such a discussion, I’ll find your thread when I do my forum pass this morning and can respond accordingly from there.