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Community Events

What's better than throwing a party? Having someone else throw a party for you! Let your users make new events on your calendar. User generated content, social interactions, blah blah blah. Awesome.


We know that not every event is a kumbaya free hippie singalong around the campfire. Sometimes you need to make some coin - so we built an add on that will let you sell tickets with Eventbrite. "Mo' Money..."


No third-party websites, no ticket fees…just you, your attendees and one kick ass event.

Blog Updates

The Events Calendar/PRO/add-ons 3.7: Things to be aware of

We just released a new build (3.7) for most of the plugin suite, and it has a bunch of new features and changes. There are some cool items for all our users. WordPress builders & tweakers! We figured it was a good time to call out the areas that will have the biggest impact on your workflow and/or customizations. As you might have seen last month, we’re starting to publish these blog posts highlighting high level … Continue reading

Release: Version 3.7 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + most add-ons

Categories: Release Notes

Hi folks! We’re happy to announce that we have finished our latest build! We are releasing version 3.7 for The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO, and all of our other add-ons except for Shopp Tickets, which had no changes this time. Before you jump in and start updating, be sure to read our blog post about the latest changes to the code. There are 3.7 updates for all of the following plugins: The Events Calendar Events Calendar … Continue reading

Summer of Performance: optimizing The Events Calendar

One problem we’ve continually found ourselves facing when helping users out in the support forums is performance: in certain environments, the plugin just doesn’t move fast enough. This has been a major concern among certain members of the community and has (rightfully) led to a few negative reviews and angry forum threads. It took us some time to understand the scope of the problems — a good number of performance problems we encountered were caused … Continue reading

Usability test for prospective customers next week

Modern Tribe has another usability test on the docket! This one is going to be different than our past sessions: instead of talking to existing customers, we’re interested exclusively in users who have not yet tried or purchased The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO. We won’t be testing the calendar itself – instead, we’re doing a usability test on the existing website in an effort to influence design/UX decisions on our forthcoming site. These sessions … Continue reading

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The only solution I’ve found that covered everything you would expect in a full calendar and events list.

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