Renewing & Upgrading Your License: A Guide

Published on: March 6, 2013 | Categories: Products

Big news for existing customers: last week we debuted our new shopping cart system, which included a license renewal / upgrade component that should make your lives substantially easier.

The renewal functionality will allow you to renew a license that has expired or is in danger of doing so, without having to contact Modern Tribe directly for a renewal coupon. The upgrade feature gives users the ability to upgrade from one license type to a more robust option that supports more sites (ie, Personal -> Developer). There’s a quick overview of how these work after the jump.

Renewing A License

With the new system, you’ll know you’ve got an expired license from the moment you log in to The blue banner across the top says it all:

Renewing A License

Click the link for the license key you want to renew. (If you don’t want to deal with your renewal at this time, just click the “X” on the right-hand side of the alert and it’ll hide for the rest of your browsing session.) You’ll be taken to the License Keys page. To the right of your license key itself, for every plugin you’ve purchased, you’ll see a blue “Renew License” button:

Hitting this button adds a renewal of your existing license to the cart, offered at a 30% discount off the initial purchase price. If you have a discount coupon — discount coupons will work just as well on renewals as they do fresh purchases, except when specified — apply it before proceeding to checkout.

Follow the order process as if you were buying a new plugin; it is virtually identical from here forward. Once you’ve entered your credit card details and completed payment, return to the License Keys page. You will find that the date on your renewed license is 1 year ahead of where it was previously, and the update alert atop the page doesn’t show anymore for the license you’ve renewed:

It’s worth noting that any license — regardless of whether it’s a week old or a year old — can be renewed. (Only expired licenses in need of renewal will show in the blue warning bar pictured above, though). Renewal extends the license by 1 year from the date of original expiration, not from the date the renewal was purchased. Users have full access to support and updates for the duration of that year.

Upgrading A License

Upgrading a license allows you to go from one license variation to another. For example: if you own a Business license for Events Calendar PRO, you are entitled to updates & support for 3 site running the plugin. You may decide after a few months that you like using the plugin on client work, and would like to have it for future projects (yeah!). The Developer license, you’ve decided — with updates and support for 10 sites instead of 3 — would better meet your needs. Luckily, with our new upgrade feature, you can make the jump seamlessly and without having to buy a second license or reach out to Modern Tribe for an upgrade coupon.

The first step is to log in and navigate to Account Central -> License Keys. When you get there, look just beneath the Renew License button and you’ll see links for any license types to which upgrades are available:

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice “Developer” is the only upgrade type available. This is because you already have a Business license, which is one step below a Developer license. Were you running a Personal license (two steps below a Developer license and one step below a Business license), you’d have options to upgrade to either Developer or Business.

Click the link and you’ll be taken to your shopping cart, where the upgrade has been added. Upgrades cost the price difference between your existing license type and the type you’re upgrading to; for example, if you’re upgrading from a Business license (which costs $100) to a Developer licenses (which costs $250), you’ll owe $150. Apply any coupons you’ve got, proceed to checkout and complete the order process.

When your order is complete, head back to your License Keys. You’ll notice that the license type has been upgraded, and the links below the Renew License button have updated (or disappeared if you’ve just upgraded to a Developer license):

We hope this walkthrough helped explain how renewal & upgrades work, and that you find the services useful as you continue using our plugins. If you have any questions on the process or encounter problems, please do reach out and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.

13 Responses to Renewing & Upgrading Your License: A Guide

  1. Taras Mankovski says

    Do you mind sharing what shopping cart you’re using that provides this functionality?

    • Rob La Gatta says

      Hey Taras. Thanks for the note here. What we’re running here is a mixture of Woocommerce + our home brewed licensing management tool. Hope you like it :)

      • Taras Mankovski says

        Any chance you might open source your implementation? I’m sure many plugin developers would appreciate and we could start to establish some standards in how plugin licensing is handled.

        • Rob La Gatta says

          That raises a good question. We have no immediate plans for it, but we didn’t realize there was demand until seeing your note. You’ve gotten the discussion going with this note though…let me see how the team feels. It wouldn’t be anything immediate, but if we do decide to move on this, we’ll certainly let you know here and publicize it.

          Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer more in the short-term! Let me know what else I can do.

        • Nick Ciske says


          Easy Digital Downloads has a licensing add-on similar to the Tribe system:

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  4. Reid Walley says


    My client has Event Calendar Free and just purchased Event Calendar Pro. BUT, there’s no where to add the Pro license key to the existing free installation.

    We’re gonna lose all our hard work of adding event sot the Free version, aren’t we?



    • Rob says

      Hey Reid! Thanks for this note here…happy to help you out here best I can. Luckily the PRO plugin doesn’t replace the free version; it’s just installed alongside it. So if your client has the free The Events Calendar, you’d just need to install/activate Events Calendar PRO alongside it. Once PRO is active you should see a “Licenses” tab appear under Events -> Settings when you access that from your dashboard.

      Hope that helps. Let us know if it doesn’t and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.

  5. glendraeger says

    I’m still a little confused. I have three personal pro licenses. I want to upgrade to a developer license. When I click the upgrade button for one of these….it appears to only affect the one license….what happens to the two other personal licenses after I upgrade to a developer license?

    • Rob says

      Hey Glen! Thanks for the note here. Happy to help you out best I can here :) If you have 3 licenses and attempt to upgrade just 1 of those to a Developer licenses, the two that were not updated should remain Personal licenses (and will be otherwise unimpacted).

      That help? Let me know if not (via email to pro (@) would be preferred, so we can get you a response in as timely a fashion as possible!) and we’ll do our best to help out.

  6. nrwebdev says

    My personal version expires in January, if I upgrade to Business now ( October ), when will the license for updates be good til?

    • Rob says

      Hi there nrwebdev. Great question! Upgrades are good for a year from now (date of upgrade), rather than date of expiration. Hope that helps. Let us know if it doesn’t!