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Sell tickets to your events quickly and easily with EventBrite.

We know that not every event is a free hippie singalong around the campfire. Sometimes you need to make some coin – so we built an Add-On to The Events Calendar that will let you sell tickets using Eventbrite. Never heard of it? As Snoop Dogg would say, its the snizzle diggity. Or as they tell it, Eventbrite empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. It’s free to sign up with Eventbrite and get started.

The Eventbrite Ticketing Add-On allows you to create & sell tickets directly from the events calendar without leaving the WordPress admin. Determine the type of tickets, payment options (fixed, donation, free), quantity right from the event editor and just like magic (translation: using their api) they will be created in both systems. A ticket purchase form will appear prominently on your event page. You can put it where ever you like by customizing your event template. Once people start to buy, the number of each type of ticket sold will display within the WordPress event editor.

Don’t forget to check out our Eventbrite Tickets new user primer to get a broader picture of what the plugin can do. If you’re wondering about the features of this add-on or are unsure whether it will accomplish what you want it to, please review the new user primer before buying to make sure know what you’re purchasing. If you’ve got ideas for features or functionality that would make your life easier, share them with us…we’re always listening.

Note: Due to a limitation with the Eventbrite API, Eventbrite Tickets unfortunately does not support recurring events at this time. Also, please note that Eventbrite allows payments via PayPal, Authorize.net, and their Eventbrite Payment Processing on their website, but due to their API only PayPal is accepted through the our EventBrite plugin. You can read more about these options on Eventbrite’s page. These options are subject to change per Eventbrite.

Contributors: Joachim Kudish, John Gadbois, Rob La Gatta, Justin Endler, Shane Pearlman

Eventbrite tickets Add-on is a WordPress plugin created and supported by Modern Tribe using the Eventbrite API. Eventbrite is in no way responsible for the functionality or support of the product.

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  • Sell tickets from directly within your event entries
  • Create your first ticket from directly within WordPress
  • Multiple tickets of varying payment types (free, donation, paid) per event
  • Set price, payment options, quantity, accepted payment methods and more
  • Import individual events directly from Eventbrite
  • Style the ticket box using custom templates as you see fit
  • Internationalized & ready for translation (if you want to translate to your native language in exchange for a free license, let us know)
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Personal $65

    Get updates & support for a year on 1 site.

  • Business $100

    Get updates & support for a year on 3 sites.

  • Developer $250

    Get updates & support for a year on 10 sites.

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