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For some projects, a calendar loaded to the gills is a sign of success. You’re sharing a lot of information with your users, and bringing lots of people together. It’s great for your users to be able to access a lot of info in one spot – your website!  It can also present a problem. At some point, the information can be overwhelming and difficult to find what you’re looking for. Ever wish you could just filter the calendar to only show events in walking distance, on a weekend, that are free? Or events that are in a certain category, price range, and specific venue?  BOOM. Now you can. Introducing the Filter Bar.

The Filter Bar add-on, which works with both the free The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO, introduces a configurable set of result filters that have both a vertical presentation that works great for full width implementations, and a horizontal version that works great on narrow applications and mobile. As the site admin, you get to determine which filters are available to your users, their order, some of the UI inputs, horizontal vs vertical orientation, and the default open or closed state.

With real-time AJAX filtering, visitors can rapidly narrow down their event choices to the perfect flight of events. Out-of-the-box support for filtering by cost, venue, organizer, day, time, tags and categories (distance is also available for Events Calendar PRO users). The plugin integrates smoothly with the search choices in the event bar as well as with all the views available through the plugins suite. And for the icing on the cake, all filters append the URL…which allows you to share the pre-filtered calendar with others or bookmark it so you don’t need to rebuild your query in the future.

Don’t forget to check out our Filter Bar new user primer to get a broader picture of what the plugin can do. If you’re wondering about the features of this add-on or are unsure whether it will accomplish what you want it to, please review the new user primer before buying to make sure know what you’re purchasing. If you’ve got ideas for features or functionality that would make your life easier, share them with us…we’re always listening.



  • Filter events in any of the frontend views
  • Admins can enable, disable, relabel and re-order filters on a site-wide basis
  • Decide between a multiselect/dropdown/radio buttons for certain filters
  • Real-time filtering (fully ajaxified)
  • Allow users to hide filters (individually or entire panel)
  • Integrated will event bar search
  • Style the ticket box using custom templates as you see fit
  • Internationalized & ready for translation (if you want to translate to your native language in exchange for a free license, let us know)
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Personal $65

    Get updates & support for a year on 1 site.

  • Business $100

    Get updates & support for a year on 3 sites.

  • Developer $250

    Get updates & support for a year on 10 sites.

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