Published on: December 8, 2009 |Tags: ,,,,, | Categories: News


I’ve been a little MIA lately due to the launch of my latest project. It’s called Remakers – it’s a blog about cool non-profits and such things. It’s also got a little shop where I sell tshirts & posters and give the proceeds to various charities and organizations. It launched at a big hipster art fair here in Minneapolis this past weekend. We raised $1000 for some cool organizations – sold a ton of stuff, and got some props from the Mayor (who’s a pretty awesome dude).

Take a second out of your busy days and check it out. Any designers out there that might want to donate a design (ahem Brandon) – I’ll be doing another run of shirts in ~march, and I’ll be adding more posters all the time.

For my developer & themer friends – the site is still buggy as heck – so if you see anything super wonked, please give me a heads up.

3 Responses to Sideproject

  1. Matt says

    Reid, it’s looking awesome. Great job and terrific idea!

  2. Nick says

    I’m with Matt, here. Way to go, Reid!

  3. shane says

    I can’t tell if that is an artistic expression on inquisitiveness, or simply what you look like at the end of day 2 of selling t-shirts.

    (I’m so proud of you reid!!)