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Entrepreneur Blogs I Read, A Second Helping

The blogosphere is attracting some great people. In September, I shared the entrepreneur blogs I read. The stuff put together by teams, with editors and money (with a few exceptions). I love those blogs because they represent a phenomenal resource for all of us who are learning how to run a business.

I have a second stash, my little private stash. The people out there writing about life, work, and business, who I personally like. Those sole individual bloggers, just telling us what they think, whether or not we care. Here’s a shout out to all of you who write because it stokes you out.


Why It Rocks

“HorsePigCow is a phrase my mom used to use to avoid embarrassment when she called someone by the wrong name. Something like, “Hi James, Jake *HorsePigCow* Jason. How are you?” It’s a way of saying, “Hell, I’m human and I screw up, but let’s move on…”

Plus she has a kid named Thaddeus.

What You Should Have Read By Now

Don’t Diss The Competition
Spread The Love
Geek Marketing

Why It Rocks

“I’ve just finished my Masters studying Soil Chemistry and decided to tag along on his research trip before I look for a job. It’s late September, 1997.

‘Someday, I’d like to live in a remote place like this, screwing around on the web. All I need is a fast connection.’ I had no idea that the phrase I just uttered would become a life goal.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

How To Pick A Good Accountant For Your Online Business
Some Community Tips For 2007
How To Talk To The Press


Why It Rocks

To have the integrity to admit she walked into the emergency room with a baby in one arm and her other hand stuck in a wine box made me love her immediately. Want your content fed to you gently with class and aplomb, you should talk to my wife. Want it fed to you raw, with a sprinkle of wit, a dash of humor and the good old velvet mallet? I bring you Naomi, the nerd word smith.

What You Should Have Read By Now

Marketing: The Alcoholic’s Edition
Selling Love Or Money?
9 Steps To Rockstar Marketing
How To Make Sure Your Ads Are Ignored And Your Money Is Wasted

Rajesh Shakya

Why It Rocks

He’s won more awards than I have time to type. He’s an entrepreneurial and computer engineering guru. He’s from Nepal. And he just asked a question that was answered by Donald Trump.

What You Should Have Read By Now

Empathy In Sales
How To Prepare A Simple Business Plan

Jarkko Laine

Why It Rocks

“A few days ago some visitor found my blog by typing ‘don’t be a programmer’ in Google. We shouldn’t be just programmers and forget about our customers, but instead try to be approachable and make sure that our customers get what they really ask for. Making your customer feel comfortable all is more important than knowing all the latest algorithms.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

The Seven Deadly Sins Of A Side-Business Entrepreneur
Earning Money While You Watch TV
How To Be The Next Leo Babauta

Dog or Higher

Why It Rocks

“My (now) wife said one day ‘you need a blog’. I do everything she tells me, and so ‘dog or higher’ was born.” And the name? A Simpson’s reference. “Fat Tony was supplying rat’s milk to the school canteen. Mayor Quimby is aghast, and turns accusingly to Fat Tony, admonishing him: ‘You promised me dog or higher.'”

What You Should Have Read By Now

Everything. Just a beautiful stream of thoughts.

Rands in Repose

Why It Rocks

“No, Rand’s is not my real name. I use my real name as a full time engineering manager of teams that designs phenomenal software. The opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own. They do not represent the strategy/plans/thoughts of my employer, my friends, my cat, or that kid who always got picked last for sports and who, right now, has a larger net worth than his entire high school.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

Do You Suffer From N.A.D.D.?
How To Not Throw Up
What To Do When You’re Screwed

The Business Of Software

Why It Rocks

“At last week’s conference, Dan Nunan told a story of how some bozo had claimed that if somebody built a better search engine then people would switch from Google in an instant. Some Silicon Valley start-up could do to Google what Google did to Alta Vista. Since that bozo was me, I think I’d better justify myself.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of User-Assistance.
An Anthropologist Looks At Project Management
Guy’s 11 Step Process For Innovation

Wake Up Later

Why It Rocks

“Samuel Ryan is the storied web freelancer who lives in the basement of a suburban Milwaukee home with his wonderful wife of 2 years. When not imagining future schemes for online riches, he can be found failing at past schemes for online riches. He practices saying “torch” instead of “flashlight” and “peg” instead of “clothespin,” so that sometime soon, he can properly negotiate a cheap flat in London. He also hopes to become the first half-Asian to successfully navigate the Bering Strait in a skiff.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

10 Absolute No’s For Freelancers
5 Absolute Yes’s For Freelancers
Stick To The Plan (man)

Why It Rocks

The pictures. That’s all I’m saying. Just one amazing photo after another.

Focus Minded

Why It Rocks

“Just as a blueprint is important when building a house, goal setting is important when starting or growing your business. If you don’t have any idea where you are going, what you’re doing, or where you see yourself in the future; then it is extremely hard to get there. You may be asking what kind of direction I can give. I’m glad you asked.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

2 Hour Business Plan
How To Prevent WW3 While Working With Your Friend.
Make Mistakes Early
Don’t Neglect To Feed The Pipeline


Why It Rocks

If you have blogs, read blogs, or have even heard of blogs, you should be reading this site.

What You Should Have Read By Now

What Makes Good Blog Design?
Guide To Promoting Your Blog Through Guest Posts
99 Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free
How To Set Up A Domino Effect Of Traffic

The Simple Dollar

Why It Rocks

Trent has two kids under two. He has a full time job. He writes four posts a day. It would appear that he reads no less than four books a week. Oh, and he has a little public speaking gig. Pay attention, this guy is about to rule the world.

What You Should Have Read By Now

Is It More Important To Promote Myself Or Promote The Team?
Should I Go Without Health Insurance For A Better Career Situation?
15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career

The Instigator Blog

Why It Rocks

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners are famous (or infamous?) for their work ethic. Work, work, work, work, work. The more we work, the more we’ll succeed right?

Maybe, but not always.”

What You Should Have Read By Now

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing
How To Price Freelance Projects Successfully
14 Tips For Moving From Full-Time To Freelance Work
3 Easy Ways To Treat Your Customers Right

This post was edited courtesy of Naomi Dunford from IttyBiz. Yes, she edits, too.

8 Responses to Single Author Blogs I Read

  1. Jarkko Laine says

    Hey Shane, thanks for sharing this list! Now keeping up with all the great blogs in my Google reader will take even longer than before…

    And thanks for including me in this great company! :)

  2. shane says


    I stopped using a reader lately. Company keeps growing and had to control time slippage. Figured if I can’t remember your url, then I shouldn’t read. This is my memorized list.

  3. Susan says

    Ah crap. Now you’ve given me more excuses to get distracted during the day.

  4. Michael says

    And thanks Susan, now you gave me more to read too.

    Spend a week adding feeds, then a few days pruning. And so it goes. But agreed, there are some good ones in here. Thanks for the pointers.

  5. James Mitchell says

    Thanks for the list. I hadn’t ran across some of those yet. I am also glad you like my blog.

    FYI: I received your email and I am shooting you an email tonight with the questionnaire.

  6. Naomi says

    I think it’s “One step forward, two steps back” with feedreaders. Unless you’re Shane. He just took a giant step back and ditched the whole thing.

    Leo from ZenHabits apparently has only ten in his reader. Why do I think I’m not on the list? :)

  7. shane says


    I do like your blog. I got your questions and peter & I had a blast playing around with ideas. I’ll get you something soon.


    More Ascetic than Leo! I feel like I should win an award. Lets call it the three rice grains award, like the old yogi’s weekly fasting portions. Is not having a reader among our crew the public equivalent of not having a tv (we don’t really, though we finally succumbed to netflix)?


    So we are all curious. What makes someone worth adding to your reader and what gets someone kicked off? Desperate bloggers want to know.


    Distractions are the bread that feeds the starving freelancer. I think. maybe… I should stop coding and just write the iChing.

  8. fareler says

    I will open one blog for myself too.