Sproutwire Beta Invitation

Published on: February 8, 2008 | Categories: News

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Hi everyone,

A lot of you probably know that Peter & I have been passionately working on our next adventure, stealing moments of time between clients, travel and family. I am excited to announce that the beta has finally arrived! I hope that you will check it out and give us your feedback. I love the community we have developed along with our blog and couldn’t think of someone I would rather hear from. I trust your opinion and want this to be the best it can be.

Sign Up for the Beta!

So here is what have we been doing off in the bat cave:

Sproutwire came about because I love to read but I am far too busy to go hunting through the internet for the few gems. My RSS reader was overflowing and most of what was in there frankly was underwhelming. In fact, a lot of you know that I quite vocally renounced the use of an rss reader. In the end, I was only reading the links my friends were sending me and started asking them to do it regularly. And so Sproutwire was born. A favorites list from an editorial team of writers and entrepreneurs who really get what it means to launch a startup, grow a small company, run a microbuiness and work freelance.

Peter & I went off and collected a team of up-and-coming and renown business owners and bloggers, who will review and select the best fresh content we can find on the Internet for small business. Blogs, newspapers, ebooks, presentation slides, journals, video, newsletters, anything that we think will help you be better at what you do and live a happier life. Those items that make the cut will be summarized and linked to. Our goal is to keep it fresh, smart and personal.

Sproutwire offers you a daily dose of the best small business articles that the internet has to offer.

I want to send a huge thanks to our starting team of expert editors/reviewers: Jarrko Laine, Sara Smith, Jonathan Fields, Naomi Dunford, Christine OKelly, Eric Davis, Brandon Jones. A special thanks to Brandon for the branding and design and Eric for beating the code into submission and late night business chats. Go check out their blogs and leave some intelligent feisty comments for me!

Also, if you know someone you think might be stoked to check it out – please feel free to pass this invitation on.

Now I am off to go work and play in the sun for a long week with our business team in El Salvador! I’ll post pictures when we get back.


12 Responses to Sproutwire Beta Invitation

  1. Terry says

    Dude, I’m there! Can’t wait for the 22nd, and I hope this turns out to be a successful new resource…

  2. James Chartrand - Men with Pens says

    I’m looking forward to this, guys. Hopefully I’ll see my name in lights over at your new diggs, too!

  3. Joshua Clanton - Design for the WEB says

    Most excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing how things work!

  4. Rose says

    Congratulations!!!! I signed up. :) Looking forward to the first release.

  5. Aaron B says

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to tame my own RSS reader… this could be a huge help.

  6. Eric Davis says

    “Eric for beating the code into submission”, oh yea “beating” is the perfect word for PHP programming ;)

  7. James Mitchell says

    Sounds exciting. Congratulations. With everyone else, I’m awaiting my access.

  8. Dityo Nurasto says

    Alright! I was sign-up and I am eager to wait the official launch.

  9. shane says

    Thanks everyone – I am getting really excited. It has been a total adventure coordinating all these people and design and dev and promotion all the while trying to run a business and still have a little fun (like running off to el salvador with our crew see the pictures ….

    If any of you could do me a favor – spread the invite – email it forward or blog about it .. etc etc … You have all been such great supporters and I’m not above a little begging!


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  11. Tei says

    How spectacular!

    I just started a blog, and in the few weeks I’ve been doing it I’ve seen half-a-dozen rants by longtime bloggers who keep saying how miserable the search engines for good content are, because people keep essentially spamming it with poor content. Naomi just did that awesome post on watering down the hooch, which I’m sure you read.

    Now it’s like you guys are throwing a massive party and only inviting cool people. I was secretly hoping someone was going to do this. I am excited that I don’t have to, because I know precisely NOTHING about how it’s done, I only want to reap the benefits.

    I’m going to go do a little happy dance now, and then sign up for the beta. Yay!

  12. Vuuch says

    Wold like to try it. Beta signup link not working…