Warning: the content of this page is for The Events Calendar 2.0.11 and earlier. If you are running 3.0 or above, please head to our current docs page or our Tutorials page.

Looking to take thing a little further, massage a custom theme or create an add-on for The Events Calendar? If you can’t find what you need, poke us over at the support forums and we will gladly add a hook or filter or template tag if it makes sense and we have the right demand.

Also, please note that this documentation is specific to The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO. Additional documentation is available for the add-ons as well:

If you’re you’re looking for a basic overview of how to get The Events Calendar or any of it’s add-ons working, this is probably going to be a bit too in-depth for your needs. Instead, check out our new user primer page where we link to the introductory primers for each.  We also have a list of Tutorials to help get you acquainted with the Events Calendar Pro.

The Events Calendar Template Tags & Standard Functions

Please note that all documentation below is for the events calendar 2.0.1 through 2.0.11. Pay attention to the specific version compatibility when playing with functions.

Events Calendar Pro Template Tags
General Event Template Tags
Loop Template Tags
Calendar Template Tags
Date Template Tags
Maps Template Tags
Links Template Tags
Venue Template Tags
Organizer Template Tags

Filters & Hooks


Advanced Functions

Event Post Type Functions
Venue Post Type Functions
Organizer Post Type Functions

Configs, Settings, Hacks & More

Themer’s Guide to The Events Calendar
Configuring The Events Calendar with Constants
Tribe Settings API
Coloring Your Category Events
Add the Post Thumbnail to Your Event List
How To Completely Customize Widgets
Showing Events & Venues In Breadcrumbs
Removing The Add-On Upsell In PRO
Removing The Events Dropdown From The Admin Bar
How To Show Featured Thumbnails In The Next Event Widget

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