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Multilingual site

  • Lionel February 6, 2013

    Does the plugin support multilingual site where WPML is installed? I have a website in 2 languages. Some events are available in only one language, others for both. I need to get the event’s presentation in the good language (one presentation per language) and complete the registration process in the same langage.
    I also need to display a calendar with all events of the language in each language.
    Could you confirm this is possible?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Leah February 6, 2013
    Answered ✔

    Hi Lionel,

    I know that other people have also tried using WPML with our calendar, to differing success. It seems to work sometimes but not always, and it’s not something that we can support. I recommend that you search the PRO forum (tri.be/support/forums/forum/events/events-calendar-pro/) for other people who have used it, and perhaps you’ll find some helpful insight. Also, you can download our free core plugin, The Events Calendar, and work on integrating that without having to spend any money.


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