Themer’s Guide to The Events Calendar

Published on: May 29, 2012 | Categories: Products-old, Tutorial

Heads up, fans of The Events Calendar & Events Calendar PRO: we’ve just added a comprehensive guide on how to theme with The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO, and the Community Events addon (Eventbrite doesn’t offer the same level of customization..yet).

While a lot of folks have theming questions and concerns – usually ones that have been raised at least once in the past – we’ve up until now mostly addressed them individually in the forums, or pointed users to the documentation page and said “Good luck.” Hopefully the guide we put together will answer all your theming and customization related questions and will allow us to track all these issues in one place as they come up. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below…or just shoot them to us via email.

2 Responses to Themer’s Guide to The Events Calendar

  1. Theresa says

    I have a them file similar to page.php that I have set as the theme for Events page. I have the_content inside this template. How do i make the calendar show up in the page? Is there a shortcode?

    • Casey Picker says

      Thanks for your note. We’d be happy to try and help you out. But would you mind posting it on the PRO forums ( first? That would give me a link to share with our devs if they need to get involved (rather than handling via the blog comments, which is always a messy process). Plus it’d allow others to benefit from the exchange should they have a similar question. We hit the forums a few times a day so if you post it this afternoon we’ll take a look from there.

      If you post it there, it’ll ensure we get you a response here in as timely a fashion as possible. Thanks for understanding and my apologies again for the inconvenience.

      If you do not have a PRO license, you’ll need to post your issue to the open source forum here: – we hit that forum about once a week as we can, since our core effort is on the PRO forums. If you’d need faster service you will need to purchase a license.