Word of the Day: Geek Slap

Published on: November 19, 2009 | Categories: Lifestream

gek slap [gi-k sl-app]
noun / verb

  1. A socially correcting blow delivered through the demonstration of superior technical knowledge. Denotes playful to serious disrespect for the person being geek slapped as they are just not worthy.

Examples: Shane complained that firefox kept putting œ in his words, which he claimed must be a bug as that character doesn’t even exist. Reid IM’ed him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Œ, then told him to change his spell-check dictionary back to English from French and to consider himself geek slapped. Word cleverly provided by one smart, talented and beautiful muse (thanks Julie).

6 Responses to Word of the Day: Geek Slap

  1. Steve Barnhouse says

    gek slap [gi-k sl-app]
    noun / verb

    OK, I understand what a geek slap is, but what’s a gek slap? Consider yourself proof-read slapped.

  2. shane says

    Ha, slapped I have been.

  3. shane says

    Except now that I look it over, I was correct. If you look at a dictionary, the way they semantically break down geek is gek. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/geek. Scroll down to the american heritage except. For some reason I cant get the accent over the e, but I am correct.

    Consider yourself slapped back. =)

  4. Julie Pearlman says

    Since I actually came up with this term during a conversation with you and Reid, Shaner: consider yourself geek-slapped by your wife! – the technical knowledege being the use of the term – kinda works ;)

    (I had to do it since no official reference was made. According to your scientist-geek wife, that is very wrong indeed!)

  5. Bo Tsang says

    Way to ride hipster wave. I’m SO gonna steal that term from you and Reid. Nice.

  6. Julie Pearlman says

    Who are you going to steal the term from now? lol