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April 2021 Announcements

April agency updates. Project launches, new team members, and more.

In the past, we’ve taken to our blog to share major agency news, and we’ll keep making big announcements like that here. But we’ve decided that “the little things,” like new hires and project launches, are worth sharing too. They’re the foundation of our business—the little things make the big things possible.

So without further ado, here are all the April happenings here at Modern Tribe:

Project/Feature Launches

Betterment homepage

We just launched a redesigned homepage for financial advisory company Betterment. The new and improved main page now features custom animations and an interactive investment slider that lets visitors see how their money can grow over time when they use Betterment. It’s a fun, quick win as we dive into a deep roadmap. Next, we’ll be turning our attention to’s navigation. Stay tuned.

Harvard university homepage feature animated jellyfish.

We also wrote a case study detailing our work on the redesigned and redeveloped, the flagship website for Harvard University. This design-forward site brilliantly highlights the university’s vibrancy and breadth of expertise. Check out the case study.

And we helped the digital marketing team at Yelp launch new channels for businesses and restaurants: and The former allows businesses to get discovered by people ready to buy, visit, and hire while the latter helps restaurants connect to affordable, innovative hospitality solutions and dynamic marketing tools.

New Team Members

We were excited to welcome three new team members (in three countries!). They are:

Petra Hamarova
Petra as a kid.

Petra Hamarova

Project Manager

Tanner Record
Tanner as a kid

Tanner Record

Senior Backend Engineer

Lucia Fraile
Lucia as a kid

Lucia Fraile

Frontend Engineer


Our bookkeeper, Susan Robinson, celebrated 12 years with Tribe on April 6. Cheers! Here’s to twelve more!

New Initiatives/Policies

On April 29, we hosted an AMA with Modern Tribe’s DEI/HR consultant, Allison Schafer, about our new Six-Month DEI Roadmap. Ahead of the chat, team members had the chance to review and critique the roadmap, which lays out the diversity, equity, and inclusion projects we’ll focus on through September.

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