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Join Us In July At WPCampus

Ever since Rachel Carden began connecting people who share a passion for higher education during the early stages of WPCampus, we knew we wanted to be part of the conversation. If you’ve been following along with the hashtag on Twitter, you may have already heard some of the ways we’re involved in the inaugural event

Watch Us Go Head-to-Head

Two of our team members will be going head-to-head during the afternoon sessions at WPCampus. Tribe developer Jonathan Brinley will be giving a talk on extending user roles and permissions to support higher ed workflows. He’ll be covering technical aspects of role and capability management in WordPress to ensure all users across campus have the right level and right access. Not to be outdone, Modern Tribe partner Shane Pearlman will be showcasing applications of WordPress in higher ed He’s got over a dozen case studies he’s pulled to share insights on how institutions are using WordPress, including course catalogs, permission systems, event management, LMS, commerce, academic publications, directories, food management, digital signage, and internationalization.

We’re Also A Sponsor

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to support the WPCampus community, but after contributing to the development of the conference, the website, and the podcast, we still wanted to do more. When we’re not speaking or helping out with sessions, you’ll see several friendly faces from the Modern Tribe team hanging out at our sponsor table. We’ll have some goodies to share with attendees, and we’ll be happy to answer questions about Shane and Jonathan’s sessions, solutions for your institution, or WordPress in general.

Speaking of Questions…

We’ve teamed up with WPCampus to learn more about how schools and campuses use WordPress and manage their website development. If you’re part of the educational community, we’d love to get your input. The more feedback we get, the more everyone will benefit from the data results. You have from now until May 27th to complete our questionnaire. It takes about 5-10 minutes to work through, and everyone that answers will receive full access to an anonymized version of the results. Plus we’ve added a few bonus incentives for taking time out of your day to participate, like a ticket giveaway for WPCampus and free Starbucks gift cards. Go ahead – take the survey now

More Goodness

We’ve got boatloads of expertise when it comes to WordPress in higher education. We could keep it all to ourselves, but we’d rather help the community by sharing it. We’ve had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and others over the past two years. After being immersed in the challenges they face daily, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and turned it into a WordPress For Higher Education white paper. It’s free to download and use within your organization.

See You There

We’re eager to be part of the larger conversation around WordPress and education happening at WPCampus this July. There are still a few early bird tickets available. We’d love to see you there – let us know if you’ll be attending.

Join Us In July At WPCampus

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