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Our Slides from WPCampus

This past weekend, we had two Triberians present at WPCampus, a conference dedicated to the confluence of WordPress and higher education. WPCampus: Where WordPress Meets Higher Education

Our Slides from WPCampus

Higher Ed Showcase + Extending User Roles & Permissions

Higher Ed Showcase

Shane Pearlman presented a showcase of sites demonstrating how WordPress is being used in higher ed, from course catalogs to permission systems, event management to LMS, commerce to academic publications, directories to food management, and digital signage to internationalization.

Throughout his showcase, he shared stats and insights from the 2016 WordPress in Education survey of 486 campuses, as well as information from interviews with MIT, Stanford, Boise State, Columbia, Boston University, Harvard, University of Washington, Conroe School District and many more.

Extending User Roles & Permissions

Modern Tribe developer Jonathan Brinley also presented at WPCampus. His session Right Level, Right Access: Extending User Roles and Permissions to Support Higher Ed Workflows dived deep into the granularity WordPress offers for large organizations with complex editorial workflows.

From controlling who can access a settings screen to which users can edit or publish a particular post, Jonathan covered the technical aspects of role and capability management in WordPress, including examples of solutions Modern Tribe has implemented at Stanford Law School and Harvard Law School.

Session Recordings Coming Soon!

Both WPCampus sessions were recorded during the event. We will update this post once the recordings are available.

Want to see more of our work in Higher Ed in the meantime? Check out our case studies.