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Welcoming GigPress to Modern Tribe

Now that the contracts are signed and the ink has dried, we are excited to announce our acquisition of GigPress, a powerful WordPress plugin designed to cater to the particular event listing needs of musicians and performers.

Welcoming GigPress to Modern Tribe

Our plugin family just got a little bigger

Meet GigPress


Bands, comedians, public speakers, and other performers have been using GigPress to power their event listings since 2007. Noteworthy users include The Cult, Blind PilotMerle Haggard, and Flight of the Conchords.

With over 20,000 active users, GigPress has grown from a passion project started by Derek Hogue of Amphibian Design into a plugin that stands on its own. During a recent conversation about the handoff, Derek shared

“I’m still kind of astounded at how many people use it, considering it was a thing that grew out of my own needs as a developer. There’s now more than 20,000 active installs, which blows me away.

For several years, I’ve just been keeping up with maintenance and bug fixes. I’m excited to pass it on to a new home where it will get the care it deserves.”

What Does This Mean For GigPress Users?


Performers have unique event management needs, and GigPress does an excellent job of meeting them. We’re excited to welcome the plugin to the Modern Tribe family because it gives us the opportunity to ensure the long-term support and growth of the plugin. 

Current users can expect little to change functionally on their end except support. Instead of routing requests through Get Satisfaction, support requests will now go directly to the Modern Tribe team via and The Events Calendar website.

With a bigger team on hand to support the plugin, you’ll likely see some fringe benefits right away like more folks available to answer support requests and quicker response to bug reports. The current GigPress website will mostly stay the same, and the plugin will continue to remain free and open-source. Over the long-term, you’ll begin to see more of us by way of regular communication and releases.

To stay up-to-date on the latest info around GigPress, we encourage all existing users to join our News & Announcements email list.

What Does This Mean For Our Users?

Adding GigPress to our lineup does not directly affect our existing user base. For users of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and our other premium plugins, it mostly means you have one more available option backed by the impeccable support of our products team.

That said, we’re always looking for ways to better serve people who work with events. GigPress is (hopefully) the first of many new, expanded offerings to come!

Long Term Plans


As we mentioned above, we are committed to keeping GigPress intact as an open-source plugin. Our long-term plans include increasing the documentation available to users, listening to user feedback to create a roadmap for new feature releases, and maintaining the code to stay compatible with changes in the WordPress ecosystem.

We’ve already got some compatibilities in place with The Events Calendar and Event Tickets Plus. As we continue amping up our offerings, we’ll be sure to share new compatibilities and features with our users.

Most importantly for us, GigPress represents a valuable learning opportunity as we build out our event management capabilities. Thousands of performers already know that GigPress is the best thing out there for managing tours and performances. As we learn more about how users are implementing features of GigPress, we’ll be able to use that knowledge to build better plugins, add-ons, and services that extend event management capabilities to our entire user base.