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Word of The Day: Confectional

con·fec·tion·al [kuhn-fek-shuh-nl]

  1. An isolated place set aside for work, which drives specific urges for constant munching, often followed by bloated vocal remorse. [See cubicle or home office]
  2. A cathartic apology, often to a loved one, that is driven by the guilt of having ignored them while gorging on the sweet fruits of one’s labor [See workaholic]
  3. A place where creative inspiration, which drives the process of compounding, preparing, or making something delectable, begin with a burst of honest revelation.


“18,000 lines of code and 3 quarts of Hagendaaz littered the floor of Peter’s confectional.”

“While working from his confectional, Shane realized that if his client was going to make him eat all those business cards for the second time, maybe they should have been made out of chocolate.