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WordPress Admin Balsamiq Patterns

I have been having a great time working with balsamiq to quickly push out wireframes for projects. We have a few large wordpress plugins in the works for customers which will really take advantage of 3.0 custom post types.

Up till now a lot of UI work when designing plugins was a bit of the wild west. With Jane heading up the UI/UX team and Tracy working on a design and ui standards doc, I was inspired to build some patterns which would help our crew build cleaner and easier to use plugins. I wanted to start by being better in line with the wordpress UI. So I am working on a simple Balsamiq pattern for the most modified parts of the wordpress 3.0 admin.


Peldi, the lead over at Balsamiq saw the news of my computers demise and offered out to help (now that’s customer service). I’ll post more as they come up. He might also post them (with my blessing) on

These are not pixel perfect. For that, we would need Peter’s discerning eye, but for the wordpress plugin developer who wants to have a nice wireframe to start from, its a nice tool.

For updates, release information and tips about our open source wordpress plugins or redmine core ux/ui, ipad or the freelance lifestyle, follow me on twitter @justlikeair.