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A multisite serving 700+ venues is one of many projects we’ve done with this long-time partner

We’ve partnered with Eventbrite for over 10 years to design and develop key customer-facing global communications and large-scale integrations for core products. Our collaborations span the entire organization.

As a preferred design and development partner for Eventbrite marketing, we’ve crafted and now maintain their primary global WordPress Multisite framework targeting dozens of markets across a handful of languages. One-off projects include tools to train event organizers on the best way to produce great experiences; microsites focused on key verticals, like enterprise events; and new initiatives to grow memberships and deliver personalized content to diverse audiences.

With their product teams, we developed and now maintain the official WordPress integration with the largest calendars. And we architected a WordPress multisite that runs websites and ticketing for more than 700 clubs, theaters, and concert venues. Our experience with scaling modern marketing infrastructure, robust product integrations, and event management have enabled an extensive long-term partnership.

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