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Kids ‘R’ Kids

WordPress multisite lets an education provider manage franchisee content in one place

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies wanted a website network for their national brand and more than 180 franchised preschools. To us, WordPress Multisite seemed like the obvious and best solution, and an in-depth discovery process confirmed our suspicions.

Multisite allows Kids ‘R’ Kids Corporate to create and manage content in a centralized location and make it instantly available to their franchisees’ sites. Content can be automatically published and locked, or it can be syndicated for franchisees who opt in. And when Corporate edits boilerplate content, the changes update across the network. 

An optional weekly email notifies franchisees of any changes to corporate-managed content on their sites. This way, Kids ‘R’ Kids is spared the hassle of documenting and communicating changes every time a page is edited, added, or removed.

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