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How we created an email marketing solution that helps WordPress users communicate strategically with event attendees

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The challenge

Connecting with attendees at every stage of an event is important, but it can be a daunting task, especially for business owners who aren’t well-versed in marketing.

The Solution

Create an automated marketing tool that streamlines the email process and comes pre-loaded with campaigns designed to promote community engagement—all within a user’s existing WordPress ecosystem.

Turning a problem into a solution

Interviews with The Events Calendar users revealed that connecting with attendees at every stage of an event is an overwhelming, time-consuming process. Using additional user feedback, competitor analysis, and input from event marketing professionals, we defined the key features for a product that streamlines the email process and automates touch points.

Building for WordPress, not in WordPress

To compete with other email marketing heavyweights in terms of design and functionality, our product had to live outside the WordPress dashboard. We approached Promoter like a SaaS rather than a plugin.

Free of WordPress constraints, we were able to create a more intuitive and fluid user experience that makes crafting emails, managing a subscriber list, and sending automated messages easier than ever for event marketers. At the time, no other email product on the market catered to this specific audience.

Delivering a deceptively simple user interface

We used a React component to keep the message editing interface as fluid and smooth as possible and provide the tools and patterns necessary to power Promoter’s complex workflows.

Getting data from Point A to Point B

TEC users rely on a variety of hosting platforms, some of which are inexpensive and don’t update immediately, making it a challenge to synch data between their WordPress sites and Promoter. An application built on Node.js handles user authentication—the verification of a human-to-machine transfer of credentials that confirm a user’s authenticity.


We know how to launch an MVP

We wasted no time designing and developing Promoter. Soup to nuts, it took us just four months.

We drew up a clear product roadmap, using the needs of TEC users as our guide, and created a scalable design system that helped us work quickly and efficiently. Our UI kit and React framework allowed us to continually add features without reinventing the wheel, and user testing helped us pinpoint exactly where we needed to make refinements.

When Promoter officially launched in 2019, no other dedicated email marketing and communication tool existed in the marketplace.

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