If you’re stuck and need help using The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO or any of Modern Tribe’s supported add-ons…you’ve come to the right place. We hope the resources below will give you what you need to kick ass. Also keep in mind that there is a site-wide search in the footer, which is a good place to start if you know what you’re looking for right off the bat.

1: New User Primers, Documentation, FAQ (and more)

We’ve prepared a handful of types of support content to best help you succeed. These include:

  • New User Primers: Bar none, the best place to get started upon first downloading a new plugin. Each primer provides an overview of how to use the plugin-in-question and will likely answer any basic/functionality questions you’ve got.
  • Documentation: Template tags, functions, filters & hooks…everything you could need on the documentation side for The Events Calendar & its add-ons are on this page. Not seeing what you’re looking for? If you need a specific filter/hook added, just let us know.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions — from simple pre-sale questions to more advanced customization/theming — are tracked here.
  • Release Notes: Wondering when a certain feature was introduced or a particular bug fixed? Check the release notes we publish for each plugin with every release.

2: Forums for Paying Customers

If you’ve bought a license for The Events Calendar PRO or any other add-on, you’ve got full access to our support forums and the Community team that monitors them daily. The forum is visible to everyone, but you need an active license to ask questions. Make sure you’ve searched the forum to see if there’s already a thread on your issue before starting a new one.

3: Forum for Free Users

While we support the code of the free The Events Calendar, we’re unfortunately limited in what support we’re able to provide. We review the forum at about once a week, mostly watching for bugs. While other users on the forums are usually quite helpful (because the community is awesome like that), we unfortunately cannot provide specific customization guidance. If you want quicker responses and more in-depth support, please purchase a PRO license.

If you have a question that is not support-related, you can always feel free to reach out on Twitter to @moderntribeinc, or send an email to Please keep in mind that we cannot address support issues via email. If you send one over don’t be surprised when we reply directing you to the forums, where we’d be more than happy to address your problem.

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