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Shane Peter and Reid Peter Chester Shane Pearlman Reid Peifer

Our Philosophy

We are a digital agency. We are a product company. We are educators. In today’s world, we get to be many things to many people.

We believe in making quality products for other people and ourselves, balanced by living quality lives. We are 100% distributed. Shane & Peter live near Santa Cruz, CA and Reid is in St Paul, MN. Our team is spread around North America.

We believe that you should be happy, helpful, curious & accountable, on top of being good at what you do. We believe life should be lived intentionally. We believe in a class of artisans and craftsman in control of their work who solve people problems rather than just build more shit. We believe in a sustainable vision of open source, and contribute consistently into the ecosystem.

Our Agency

We’re a different kind of digital agency. All freelancers. All experts. A Modern Tribe.

  • 14+ years in business
  • 15 full timers
  • 36 active freelancers in 6 countries
  • 0 offices (or over 40 depending on your perspective)
  • 30+ active freelancers in 4 countries
  • 12 simultaneous projects managed on average
  • Customers include Stanford, eBay, MIT, Associated Press, UCSF, Mozilla, Harvard, Steelcase, SAP, Macmillan, Sales Force, Bon Appetit, MTV, Seagate, CBS, IAC, IEEE, Westinghouse, Zillow,, Holiday Inn…
  • Over 1000 high traffic websites launched with monthly uniques as high as 25 million
  • Dozens of high profile mobile apps
  • 3 Webby Awards, 3 Webby Finalists, 2 Interactive Media Awards, Gov 2.0 Grand Prize, Communicator Award, W3 Award & a couple Mayoral Commendations
  • #1 adopted, selling & grossing WordPress events management framework
  • Open Source WordPress plugins totaling over 3 million downloads
  • Founders of Freelance Camp
  • —Hundreds of thousands of dollars of our own money invested in major open source projects
  • Partners have spoke at a combined 15+ WordCamps, SXSW, HOW Design and many more conferences
  • Team retreats including Japan, Hawaii (x2), Panama, Barbados, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, New York, Seattle, & Monterey
  • 201 days a year surfing

Modern Tribe (re-branded from Shane & Peter Inc. in 2011) manages teams of freelancers to design and build software for fortune 500 companies, governments institutions and well funded start-ups. We are the next generation of digital agency. Odds are good you have used something we built.

We Work For Freelancers

Freelancing can be amazing. You can set your hours, work where you want and pick your customers and projects. It can also royally suck. Income can fluctuate wildly, customers can be psychotic and you can easily spend half your time working hard only to get stiffed. You aren’t just a programmer, you are a bookkeeper, run sales & marketing, play acting project manager and are in charge of billing and collections, all on unpaid time. Our goal is to take the drama out of freelancing. We offer stability and community for a wide range of freelancers.

Our business depends on our ability to effectively navigate relationships with freelancers, manage their productivity and strengthen their business to create loyalty and increase longevity. When they are winning, so are we.

We Work For Large Companies

Modern Tribe coordinates freelancers to create an agency that competes with traditional organizations. Our work is on par or superior and our accountability is second to none. Where other agencies and studios have to hire new blood to grow, we are able to quickly flex out workforce to fit our pipeline. We offer large companies the benefits of freelancers with the accountability and technology of an agency.

Today, we focus our services predominantly in three areas: WordPress media networks at scale (Million of users), Mobile + Connected Devices, and Prototyping + R&D. We’ve proven our ability to deliver solid work under pressure for super stars like Om Malik and the team at MTV, to practical monolithic organization including SAP & Seagate, to nimble startups such as Eventbrite &

Our Product Business

At his keynote at WordCamp SF in 2009, Matt Mullenweg stated that one of the biggest problems that WordPress faced was quality and reliability within the plugin ecosystem. With 22% of all new websites being built on WordPress the demand for quality and support is inevitable. So, in 2010 we launched a WordPress premium plugin business.

Our goal is to be the event backbone behind your WordPress site. With a solid Free foundation, and an API that allows for sophisticated add-ons, The Events Calendar framework is here for the win. We will spend 2012 focused on integration with other event and commerce platforms, premium theme companies and building add-ons to solve niche challenges. Interested in integrating and forming a partnership? Ping Shane to say hi.

We like to keep things simple and transparent. No funky pricing schemes. No wacky marketing stunts. Just good code for good people. You’ve already made Events Calendar PRO the #1 selling plugin in Code Canyon history. We’re looking forward to continuing together as we leave the safety of the marketplace behind on offer our plugins directly to you.

Looking to get some custom help with your events calendar? We are currently putting together a recommended vendor’s list of vetted freelancers. Have a larger project? Reach out and say hi.

Our Content, Education & Performance Business

We deeply believe in empowering people to be intentional in their business and their lives. As such we have spent significant time creating content & events to help people be successful freelancers.

Freelance Camp

In 2008 we launched Freelance Camp, an ad-hoc gathering of freelance professionals worldwide. The conference is an intensive one or two day event for independent professionals to share and learn in an open environment. The first event was started by Shane Pearlman, Peter Chester & Margaret Rosas from Santa Cruz, CA in response to the complete lack of community and education surrounding the business of freelancing. Since 2008, over 20 events have taken place throughout the US, Canada, Germany, Italy and beyond. Freelance camps have had a wide variety of sponsors include Elance, Freshbooks, Moo Cards, Sugar CRM, SBA, Microsoft, Dice, and many City & State Economic Development departments.

Writing & Speaking

Conferences: SXSW, GigaOm’s Future of Work, International Freelancer’s Day, Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, eBay and numerous barcamps & smaller events.

Writing: on topic of remote work & freelancing for Mashable, GigaOm, A List Apart, Elance, FreelanceSwitch & Copyblogger.

Our Book: working on it. =)

Can’t believe you made it this far

But since you did.

Did you know that it is physically impossible to put your arms straight out to your sides at shoulder height, look to the sky, smile as big as you can imagine, and have a sad thought? Its true, try it.

We hope you have a wonderful day. Glad you are in our lives. Smile at someone, it’s contagious.

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