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Digital creatives motivated by curiosity and ingenuity

We design and engineer each touchpoint across your ecosystem, from websites and applications to plugins and publishing platforms.

The 2019 team trip with our dear friends at The Events Calendar

Our Guiding Principles

Driven by purpose—and results

Whatever we’re working on, we push what’s possible to accomplish ambitious goals, to serve your communities, and to build a braver, brighter, better connected world. Here’s how we make it happen.


Create with intention

We design and build beautiful solutions. Not more stuff. Our approach is focused on outcomes. We architect solutions that provide measurable impact and move the needle. We take an ambitious vision and then break it down into the specific features and functionalities that will bring it to life—with a reasonable roadmap to ensure those solutions can be realized.


Collaborate early and often

We foster a culture of open communication and no surprises. Despite being remote since day one, everything from our communication tools to our dev infrastructure is designed for close collaboration—among our distributed teams and with our clients. We don’t believe in big “ta-da” moments. We work transparently and cooperatively toward a common goal.


Build connections

We believe your tech, tools, and teams work better together. Every “thing” we build is designed to link people and platforms. From websites and mobile apps to CRM campaigns and shopping carts, people interact with brands across a number of touchpoints that make up a digital ecosystem. We connect the dots … and occasionally color outside the lines.


Make it last

We rely on systems thinking to craft solutions that extend and evolve. The internet is always changing, so the tools and tech the world uses need to as well. Siloed platforms and proprietary systems create a tech stack that closely resembles a house of cards. When one piece shifts, the whole structure crumbles. Our solution? Crafted sustainable platforms based on design systems, portable code, and extensible technologies. With the flexibility to adapt to shifting priorities, solutions can grow gracefully over time.

meet the faces behind the slack messages

Our tools and methods are top-notch, but it’s the people that really make this place work

Agencies are rife with rockstars and big egos. We’re not interested in all that. Our teams are full of thoughtful, considerate, and brilliant folks who know a 10X team can produce so much more than any 10X individual.

Since Modern Tribe isn’t bound to a physical location, we’re able to hire top talent from across the globe. And our work is shaped by the unique vision and experiences these folks bring to our team.

Shane as a kid

Shane Pearlman



Špela Majer

Senior Designer

Rob La Gatta
Rob as a kid

Rob La Gatta

Director of Operations

Sarah Gless as a kid

Sarah Gless

Creative Director

Carly as a kid

Carly Strelzik

General Manager – Agency

Paul Yuen
Paul as a kid

Paul Yuen

Strategy Principal


Jorge Marrero

Senior Frontend Engineer

Aimee Carson
Aimee as a kid

Aimee Carson

Quality Engineer

Remote since day one

We’re not everywhere, but we can be anywhere

Modern Tribe is a fully remote agency built to collaborate beyond the walls of a traditional studio. From our communication tools to our development infrastructure, we’ve spent more than a decade building an agency that’s purposely designed to engage deeply with distributed teams—including yours.

  • Years Building Digital Solutions of All Kinds
  • Team members across agency and operations
  • Countries spanning 6 continents (We've got our eyes on you, Antarctica.)
  • mil
    Average number of Slack messages sent every day (Okay, not really. But it feels like it some days.)