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Concrete Impact on a Client’s Business

As a developer, I rarely get to see or hear what kind of net effect the things I develop have on a client’s financial well being. I get contracted to build something, build it, and move on. Sometimes I get contracted to make modifications to a previous project, but that doesn’t happen too often.

Recently, one of my clients approached me about making modifications to a quoting system that I had developed. The system is encapsulated in a series of WordPress administrative panels and a widget. You can check out the finished product at the Modernistic carpet cleaner website. Use the zip code 48201 to test out the widget.

Anyways, the client came back for modifications because he wanted to add a reporting system. Turns out, the quote form has been quite successful. I could barely believe the numbers when he told me, but from January to July 1st, the system generated 850 orders worth over $100,000. Now, not all of those orders may have come to fruition, but that is a ridiculous impact on their business. Before, when they didn’t have a web order system, they would receive 5-10 phone orders weekly. Now, they receive, on average, double that from the web alone and then additional call in orders.

It makes me feel good that I was able to have this kind of impact on someone’s business. Until now, there wasn’t really an instance where I had seen the concrete benefits of my work. It sometimes made me question whether I was doing any good at all. Having seen the above numbers, though, I can safely say that I do make a difference through my work… and that’s a great feeling.




I'm an art director hailing from the great northern state of Minnesota. After a decade in the industry, I'm only interested in projects where we get to add real value. I believe in making grids, breaking grids, clean code, good type, 70's motorcycles, and Raymond Chandler novels.