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Contractor 101: Final Exam

Contractor 101: Final ExamIn the process of interviewing people for the post of office / operations manager, we asked them to complete a business acumen final exam. Peter & I sat down and wrote a fictitious letter to a client containing pretty much all the major business mistakes we have made in the past number of years. Think you are ready for the big time? Give it a shot. Look for spelling, grammar, poor communication, business etiquette, a few small and a few HUGE no-nos. Rewrite this letter as if it was from your business to a client. You will probably need to ask questions and I am happy to answer in the comments.


We propose a $27000 retaner with Johnson & Johnson for the next year for 150 hours per month starting in September. I know you don’t like the formality of contracts ,but we have to get something in writing. Hopefully this letter will do. We will need to discuss what services you expect us to provide next time we meet.

By the way, how’s charlie? I’m glad to hear he’s all better, I can’t believe he fell off the car.

I may also be willing to provide you with guidance on Westinghouse inhouse team.

regarding the xGeos launch, after some review of initial schematics, Ii wanted to discuss the possibility of doing it in flash or flex.

Get back to me whenever you feel like it.


We have received a lot of different responses. The interesting part was not so much how the final letter came out, but the questions that people sent us. They offered great perspective on how each person thinks and their level of business experience.

Once you are done, click here to see the answers. You can cheat, but you won’t learn as much.