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Crunched by Proxy

Crunched by Proxy We are proud to announce that we have been crunched. Sort of. Our client has earned themselves the attention of the public eye. The flash video player on which we worked has received solid public recognition. And being the choice for the TechCrunch40 is pretty cool. Even their one and only complaint has already been developed and is in testing for deployment.

Out of all these alternative services, stands out as the most professional video sharing solution. The website and player are cleanly designed, they accept perhaps the widest range of file formats, they will automatically syndicate your videos to many other websites, and you can choose to place midroll, postroll, adjacent, and overlay advertisements in your uploads. Additionally, you can track your shows’ statistics quite closely and allow users to download your videos. I could go on and on about’s useful features. The only major bummer with is that you can’t seek ahead to points in a video using their Flash player.

It’s no surprise that shows like Rocketboom have decided to migrate over to We even decided to use them for our TechCrunch40 conference. And PC World agrees with us that tops them all.

– Tech Crunch Article: Happy 1st Anniversary YouTube and Google; Now Move Over a Bit

It has been a been great partnership, two webby awards, some fun innovation and a team that is passionate about the quality of the service they offer and the community they support.