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eBay Motors iPhone App Goes Live

eBay has some of the coolest window shopping in the world. Want to buy a street legal tank? It’s on eBay. Want a gulf wing Delorean like Marty McFly? It’s on eBay. Love looking at amazing and remarkable cars? They’re on eBay.

Download eBay Motors from the app store.

Motors is eBay’s highest revenue vertical, but it faces some unique challenges. Folks only buy a car once every few years, and don’t traditionally think of eBay as a place to do it. With this app users can share, track, buy and generally geek-out on the cars they love.

We’re helping reinforce the idea that eBay is THE place for unique automobiles on the web. This has to be one of the most fun design projects in the last year. The core eBay mobile team is creative and dynamic and they gave us the freedom to dream. We can’t wait to share some of the other forthcoming eBay innovations that have sprung from this great partnership.

This project was a rousing success due to all of the talent involved. On the design side, Brad Fitzgerald and Ryan Jennings balanced the stylized look Ebay was going for, with exceptional UI creating a fun and functional experience. Working with Cale Peeples and Nathan Sacco on the Ebay side was a joy. They clearly articulated the business goals, and encouraged us to explore a world of possibilities. We’re thinking of having them run workshops for all our future clients.