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Finalist in the 2007 Webby Awards

Woohoo … is a finalist in the 2007 webby award’s!

Go vote for us in the people’s choice award!! Sign up to vote, then got to:

Websites -> entertainment -> broadband -> vote for

This is the second international contest in which blip has come out on top (yeah we haven’t won quite yet). We also won 2 awards in the Interactive Media Awards in 2006 in both the community and hosting categories.

I had to share my dialog with Angus (programer @ blip) – not only cuz he is such an amazing coder with a great wit – and it makes me feel happy when I chat with him – but I love it when someone on the client’s side understand the curious foibles that people often present.

Angus Top Reasons blip should win a webby!

  1. Best use of the color ‘pale blue’
  2. Most excitingly complex mid-page navigational feature.
  3. Most comps ignored by client
  4. Coolest frontpage jumbotron thingummy