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Making Money with WordPress Audio

This year at SXSW, I put a panel together on the topic of WordPress. We focused on the business side of the open source platform, primarily the three core revenue models heavily employed today: Services / Consulting, Premium Plugins / Themes & Premium Content. We got extremely lucky and nabbed some of the industry leaders in each category.

Many thanks to Alex King (Crowd Favorite), Brandon Jones (Make Design Not War / Epic Era) & Sonia Simone (Copy Blogger) for doing a fantastic job as and making it a fun experience (and hopefully interesting to the audience). I only wish we had 3x as much time since each person was so knowledgeable and we could have really argued each topic rather than break it up so much.

The audio is available on the SXSW site or you can download the mp3 directly.

If you are looking for someone to speak on the topic of WordPress or business / freelance, any of these people would make a great addition to your conference. Looking for my speaker site, visit