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News & Announcements

May 2021 Announcements

May agency updates. New people, projects, playlists, and more.

One reason we’ve started publishing our agency announcements publicly is to give folks glimpses at Modern Tribe’s version of #AgencyLife. Sometimes it’s in the form of newsy tidbits, like who we’re working with, and sometimes it’s random team trivia. Keep reading to see what we mean.   

Project Launches

Durham University

Durham University’s Webspace WordPress platform helps staff and students create and maintain websites related to their research projects, student activities, and shared interest groups. Of course, a platform is no good if no one knows how to use it. So we partnered with the university to create an online resource that provides a high-level overview of WordPress.

Little League

We also published a case study breaking down our work for Little League over the last four years. In addition to a complex multisite, with World Series features that update in real time, we gave them a decoupled iOS app that puts a Little League rulebook in anyone’s pocket.

New Client

Harvard Law School

We’re eager to work with Harvard Law School on The Institute to End Mass Incarceration, a research and advocacy program that works toward the dramatic decarceration of the United States, the eradication of the root causes of mass incarceration, and the promotion of new approaches to dealing with harm and safety in our communities.

New Team Members

We welcomed two new technical strategists (in the U.S. and Spain!) to the team. Both Kay and Chris love to travel, so they’ll likely be stoked for our team trip in Italy next year.


Build Your Business to Support Your Lifestyle

We know from experience that regular communication is key to a healthy remote company culture. Our CEO, Shane, joined Kinsta’s Reverse Engineered podcast to explain what that looks like at Modern Tribe. Watch it here.

Webinars and Conferences

Pantheon WebOps Webinar Series

Our creative director, Kyle, helped kick off this three-part series with a webinar titled Gain Credibility: Be Proactive with Your Website. He did a deep dive into Modern Tribe’s approach to content design and how to ensure your admin tools are usable by everyone on your team—topics directly related to our work on the relaunched Watch the webinar here.

Good Tech Fest

Two weeks later, Kyle chatted about the future of during a panel discussion titled “Drivers Wanted: Help Steer the Future of a Digital Platform for Social Impact.” They’ve shared a lot of great info from that session on their site.

Modern Tribe Miscellany

Our ops team keeps this place running like a well-oiled machine. Perhaps the secret to their success is their super awesome meeting playlist. You be the judge.

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