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Modern Tribe Featured on WP Engine Velocitize

Travis Totz, our Director of Biz Dev sits down with Andy North - WP Engine's Director of Communications.

WP Engine is one of our most trusted partners in the WordPress space. Their annual conferences and summits are can’t-miss events for our team, and their thought leadership publications, like Torque and Velocitize, are must-reads for anyone committed to enterprise WordPress projects. 

So of course we were thrilled when Travis, our Director of Business Development, was invited to sit down with Andy North, WP Engine’s Director of Communications, for an episode of Velocitize Talks. Below, you can watch the video to see what Travis has to say about Tribe’s people-first culture, how companies are adapting to the pervasiveness of digital, what users expect from an ecommerce experience, and how our team helps our clients use data to measure project success. He also shares his thoughts on Progressive Web Apps, Blockchain, and why he initially wasn’t a fan of WordPress’s new Gutenberg editing experience (but has since come around). Finally, he shares his recommendations for a great leadership podcast and a book he couldn’t put down

Thanks for featuring Tribe, WP Engine!