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Our Family Gets A Little Bigger

We believe in our team here at Modern Tribe. Everything that we do, every product or project we complete is a result of the collaboration of many smart, passionate, and dedicated people. We continue to grow as a company, excited to tackle the myriad opportunities that we have in front of us. Today, we’re excited to announce two new additions to our amazing team. It’s not every day that you get to welcome TWO new employees who have such a long history together. Travis Totz, and Nick Pelton are a unique pair. They’ve been working together for a number of years throughout their careers to most recently as partners at Westwerk & WerkPress – an agency they helped found in 2011 and grew to a team of twenty serving a diverse range of clients like Boise State University, Eventbrite, NASA, FlipBoard, Zynga, Redline Bikes and Whirlpool. They helped grow the WerkPress brand from a focus on small WordPress customizations to tackling enterprise-level projects. Their focus on building relationships within the WordPress community garnered numerous partnerships with top-level theme and plugin providers; including WooThemes, Organic Themes, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, and many more. Recently, they acquired Press75, breathing new life into a beloved and established WordPress brand. Both Nick and Travis are accomplished speakers, participating in numerous local and national design and development conferences. We believe strongly in design. Travis Totz’s passion for design and exceptional user experience will help us continue to produce innovative work that helps achieve our client’s goals and makes our users lives richer. His expertise extends far beyond pixels, acting as strategist and architect creating work that is as functional as it is beautiful. Beyond his design and strategic skills, Travis is able to lead people with a grace that we rarely see. His teams are high achieving and happy, which are the best metrics for a leader. We all know that the technology that powers our industry is ever changing. Nick Pelton’s expertise in architecting and developing robust enterprise solutions will help us to grow and meet the ever evolving demands of our connected world. It is very rare to find an individual equally skilled in backend and frontend development. To find one who also has a design background, devops chops, and can lead and manage a team is unheard of. I am very excited to welcome them to our Modern Tribe family. Speaking personally, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Nick and Travis for quite some time. Not only are they both wonderful individuals that perfectly represent our company culture – they are fellow Minnesotans (which means I have two more people to have celebratory beers with)!

Our Family Gets A Little Bit Bigger

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Travis Totz and Nick Pelton to the Modern Tribe team.




I'm an art director hailing from the great northern state of Minnesota. After a decade in the industry, I'm only interested in projects where we get to add real value. I believe in making grids, breaking grids, clean code, good type, 70's motorcycles, and Raymond Chandler novels.