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The Events Calendar Gets a New Website

We’re happy to announce the launch of today. When we launched our events plugins we never dreamed they would be so successful, or have such a profound impact on our business. We hold customer service and support as our highest ideal. Our focus over the last two years has been to build a product and a support team that lives up to that ideal. Today, we’re excited to share a website that will help us do that for the years to come.

With any launch, we expect there to be some bugs (and pesky typos) to squash over the coming days. Please feel free to reach out if you find one.

Additionally, we are committed to producing new support content every month moving forward. This means new tutorials, new knowledgebase articles, new help videos, and better technical documentation. You can expect to see those categories growing over time. We’ll continually be looking at ways to make that content easier to find and navigate.

The site certainly got a visual facelift, but there’s a ton of new value here for our existing users beyond that surface cleanup. Here’s what the new site has for you:





We reorganized and auditied all of our previous tutorial content… and added a ton more. The knowledgebase is full of detailed tutorials, video walkthroughs, and helpful code snippets. The content is organized by category and tag, and filterable by plugin type. This is just the beginning. We’re publishing new tutorials every month. Tutorials now have related content to help you dive in deeper. They’re also organized by difficulty to help you know what you’re getting in for.

Technical Docs

We’ve ported our technical documentation to WP Parser, a WordPress specific documentation engine. You’ll find functions, actions, and filters all documented in the same fashion that you would find in the WordPress codex. This time around, the technical docs live right in our core WordPress site along the rest of our support content. This means they show up in search results! In the coming releases, you’ll find helpful new categorization, and more detail added to key functions.


The updated search functionality is our favorite part of the new website. Search our entire knowledgebase, technical docs, and support forum in one place. Use powerful filters to get just the content that you’re looking for. If you have searched on our current site, you’ll know what a big change this is.

Support Forums

Our popular support forums are as robust as ever, but now running much faster. The redesigned interface is easier to scan and read to find the content that you’re looking for.

It has been our honor and pleasure to serve you over the last few years. You’ll still enjoy the same team supporting you, the same commitment to design and code quality – just at a new url. If working on something like this sounds fun to you… JOIN THE TRIBE.

Code awesome.
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